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Kaley Cuoco poses for a headshot

Kaley Cuoco Suffers Meltdown In Nightie From Hotel Bed

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco had a meltdown today and she filmed the whole thing. The "Big Bang Theory" actress updated her Instagram stories early on Thursday morning from a new location – after two months shooting upcoming HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant" in NYC, the actress is now in Canada. Kaley, 34, is in Toronto to shoot Kevin Hart's new movie, but talk on the blonde's stories had nothing to do with her career. Kaley, in quarantine all over again, was freaking out about the coffee situation in her hotel room. Check it out below.

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Freaking Out Over Nespresso

Kaley Cuoco poses with coffee and her dog

Scroll for the video. If you aren't up-to-date, Kaley had a massive meltdown in 2019 as her Italian hotel could only offer electric kettles and instant coffee sachets – not ideal for the star who both calls herself a "coffee connoisseur," and this year fronted coffee chain Starbucks.

The video showed Kaley in bed and in selfie mode. The nightie lover who has deemed her Amazon sleepwear an "essential item" amid the pandemic, was 100% talking about the coffee. Clearly, a nightmare situation.

'The Hardest Part Of Quarantine' Is THE COFFEE SITUATION


Kaley, wearing zero makeup and with her hair in a bun, told her 6.1 million followers: "Day 4 of Canadian quarantine."

"So, if you're wondering what the hardest part of this quarantine has been, it's the coffee situation. So we tried to send my favorite coffee machine here which didn't make it (long store) they do have a @nespresso maker, but it's the one with the tiny pods."

"I like the big pods lol", Kaley continued. And it didn't end there. Scroll for more.

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Kaley Cuoco poses with ice-cream at a table

Turns out, there was a Nespresso maker in the apartment, but it's not "the one I like." A long ramble that showed Kaley's frustration and anxiety continued to outline that everything was wrong – the pod sizes she brought, the border limits blocking logistics of the whole affair, plus the fact that Kaley is now "running low" on the pods she likes.

Kaley, whose "A Cup of Cuoco" Instagram series revolves entirely around filming her first cup of the day, then revealed a bit of a Hannukah situation – not enough oil to last.

Has Enough For 'One More Cup'

Kaley Cuoco poses with her dog in NYC

Kaley, who has herself handed out oat lattes to her crew – and she did it in a bathrobe – mentioned herself a fair amount, but she did send love to assistant Emma, who has clearly been working round-the-clock to sort the situation.

"If these pods don't arrive tomorrow, I'm worried for @emmamadelineross life," Kaley added.

Kaley is fresh from wrapping up her two-month filming stint. "The Flight Attendant," also featuring 31-year-old sister Briana Cuoco, is aiming for a release before 2021.

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