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Gloria and Emily Estefan pose for a photo

Gloria Estefan's Daughter Says Her Mom's Reaction To Her Coming Out Left Her 'Suicidal'

Emily Estefan / Instagram
By Chris Barilla

After iconic singer Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, decided to share her sexuality with the world by coming out, it appears as though the news wasn't initially well-received. 

This instance left her family in a tumultuous situation that they are now attempting to clear the air about through a candid discussion on the most recent episode of "Red Table Talk: The Estefans." 

It was only here that the singer's daughter finally detailed her trauma from that time in her life, and what has changed in the family dynamic since then.

Strained Relationship

Gloria Estefan poses for a masked selfie
Gloria Estefan / Instagram

The pair revealed during their discussion that they had a strained relationship for a good period of time following Emily's first insinuation that she's dating Gemeny Hernandez, a woman.

The younger Estefan said that she had originally tried to simply "test the waters" by asking her mother and father, "Guys, do you think that I might be gay?"

"You said, 'Only you can know that,'" Emily recalled of her mother's initial reaction to that vague comment she made, which would eventually lead to her fully coming out a little further along down the line.

Elaborating Further

Emily Estefan photographed kissing her girlfriend
Emily Estefan / Instagram

"But when I asked you that question, it was like testing the waters because I was afraid. I was having conversations in my head trying to figure out ... who am I? What is this? Where do I fit? I was learning that I preferred women," Emily went on to detail, per Fox, to her mother of the thought processes she was undergoing at the time that she made that vague comment about sexuality, seeing how her parents would react to even the idea of it.

When She Actually Came Out

Gloria Estefan posing for a masked selfie
Gloria Estefan / Instagram

Emily then went on to detail the exact moment she officially came out, and how her mother's reaction was less than ideal, "I was like, 'Hey, I’m in love with this girl.' The first thing you said was, 'If you tell your grandma and she dies, the blood is on your hands.'"

Speaking on her emotions following that harsh comment from her mother, Emily said, "I just wasn’t ready for that because I understand that grandma was old, but I already made it feel like, whatever it is, hide it, it’s not OK. So that’s where my hurt started. I’m never going to forget that. I was trying to protect both my ailing mother from any shock that would affect her health and Emily from anything that could harm their relationship."

Developing Suicidal Thoughts

Gloria Estefan poses for a photo
Gloria Estefan / Instagram

Emily then explained that the feelings she bore from that interaction left her feeling suicidal, "The things I was facing in the moment were so crippling that I couldn’t see anything but the hurt."

Her mother candidly responded that, "For any parent, we love unconditionally and what we were trying to do was to protect you and ended up hurting you, which kills me. And I hate that that happened."

Now, the pair is seemingly doing well and always looking to remedy their past issues and work together to build for a better, more understanding and compassionate family life going forward.

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