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Demi Rose Busts Out Of String Bikini, Posts 'Lick Me' Snap

By Ryan Naumann

Demi Rose is showing off all her assets in a sultry new video posted to her social media.

The 25-year-old model continues to bless her 15 million Instagram followers with sizzling content. Demi is currently on vacation in the Maldives with a bunch of her closest girlfriends. The group arrived last week and have been living it up every day of the trip.

Demi recently posted about the vacation being her quarantine, which indicates she might be staying for a bit.

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Demi has been using the tropical location as a backdrop for sultry photoshoots. She has been using the sandy beaches to show off her endless supply of tiny bikini tops.

The model has been causing trouble in the city with her friends. The ladies decided to hit the town together to check out the local sights. They eventually came across a bar they wanted to inspect.

One of Demi's friends decided to hijack the DJ Booth and pretend to spin records.

Demi in a bikini

Demi captured the entire fiasco and shared the footage on her Instagram story. The crazy partying doesn't seem to slow down Demi, who shows off herself waking up every morning with a sign of a hangover.

On her social media, Demi made sure to show off her new string bikini which she purchased on the trip. The top is made of tiny strings that are pulled together to somehow hold Dem inside.

She wrote, "So happy my girls are here."


Demi decided to explore the area a little more and got on a yacht to hang with friends. She showed off her bikini a little more and posted a video of her twirling around on a boat.

The model looked flawless while scanning around to show off the beautiful sights. She pouted while counting her blessings for being able to be there. She showed off a sign that read, "lick me till."

The vacation doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon with the group apparently planning an extended stay during the lockdown.


Demi, who is originally from the UK, is known for being an ex-girlfriend of rapper Tyga. She is consistently on vacation in fancy locations around the globe. Demi regularly shares positive quotes on her social media platforms.

She wrote to her fans, “With everything that I’ve gone through in life I accept everything happens all in divine timing and it’s all for a purpose to have shaped me into the person I am today. I love the person I am today. Sparkling heart.”

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