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Nastia Liukin poses in a black hat

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Complains Starbucks Shorts Offer Too Popular

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is complaining after her tiny peach shorts Starbucks offer was so popular, the gift card ran out. The 30-year-old made headlines yesterday for generously offering her 1 million followers a Starbucks "on me" as she revealed that a Venti Cold Brew with two pumps of pumpkin spice is her current favorite, with the Russian-born star since returning to her Instagram stories for an update. On Wednesday evening, Nastia treated her fans to a Q&A. Turns out the 2008 all-around Olympic champion was bummed out. Check it out below.

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Starbucks Offer Snapped Up Fast

Nastia Liukin poses smiling in jeans on a bed

Scroll for the video that led to the offer. Nastia had filmed herself outdoors and in selfie mode, seen flaunting her stunning gymnastics body in tiny peach shorts, a matching sweater around her shoulders, plus a white crop top. The blonde dished on her favorite fall Starbucks beverage from blazing-hot Dallas, TX, then offering a gift card for a free beverage from the Seattle-based coffee giant.

The subsequent Q&A, seeing Nastia a touch snappy, showed just how popular the offer has proven.

She's 'Done' With This Q&A


Nastia, then appearing in selfie mode and at home, did not appear particularly enthusiastic, saying:

"Uhh, ok. I'm done with this Q&A because, um, yeah, I'm over it. And a lot of the questions are the same, and I'm not answering some of those."

Nastia then addressed the Starbucks promise:

"For those of you guys that have asked about the Starbucks gift card, you all went through it so fast and now you're asking why it's not working. BECAUSE THERE'S NO MORE MONEY ON IT!"

Promises She'll Do It Again

Nastia Liukin poses in shorts on an egg chair

Nastia continued to promise that she would return for another round, saying: "I will redo it again in a few days."

Starbucks may count stars like singer Ariana Grande and "Big Bang Theory" alum Kaley Cuoco as its major promo faces, but it looks like the coffee giant can equally rely on micro-infuencers like Nastia to keep spreading its name. Nastia has been massively embracing fall this month, having already visited the pumpkin patch with dog Harley. Scroll for the big outdoor stretch.

Retired At 22, Still Stretching

Nastia Liukin poses stretching on an outdoor deck

Nastia, born in Moscow and to two Olympic gymnast parents, is the embodiment of a short career. By 2012, the star had already retired from gymnastics aged just 22, with her career having now shifted to both an entrepreneur and an influencer one.

Nastia is currently retailing her $55 Celery Green Cream with beauty brand Volition. The beauty blogger and fashionista also influences for clothing label Revolve, skincare giant Olay, plus reality star Kim Kardashian's 2019-founded SKIMS line. For more from Nastia – including the promised Sbux rerun – give her Instagram a follow.

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