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Gymnast Nastia Liukin LIGHTS UP Instagram Braless In Short Shorts

By Mike Walters

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is melting down Instagram yet again with a tiny outfit that is perfect for the scorching Texas heat!

The 5-time Gold Medalist shared photos of video from inside of her Dallas home, where her make-up artist showed off different styles used on the gorgeous tumbler. Along with a tour of parts of her new home, Nastia blew her over 1 Million followers away with a mind-blowing selfie wearing a white tank top and comfy peach short shorts!

You Gotta See This!

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Olympian Blows Minds In Sexy Short Shorts!!


As always, Nastia doesn't have to try very hard to show off her ripped body and stunning features. This is no expectation, Liukin looks flawless as she shoots a piercing glare into the camera's lens.

Keep scrolling for more hot photos. Nastia is known for her clap-backs on social media and has made headlines blasting trolls who claimed she was too old to wear a leotard -- but most stayed quiet about this stunning look!

"Dallas, you good? 98 degrees tmrw... guess it’s a pool weekend for us 😛," the Olympian captioned a recent photo as she lit up Instagram with hot bikini shots!

Take A Look!

Take A Bite Out Of This!


As we reported, Nastia stunned followers after she almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction while sporting this sexy 'shark-bite' style bathing suit. In the sexy snap, the Olympian is showing off her shredded abs, and the suit looks like a giant predator took a huge bite out of the side of it! But, the bite section caused the material to hang juuuust a bit to low in the southern region of the suit!

It should be noted, Nastia is a world-class athlete and looks like she hasn't seen a pizza in years, the truth is she can throw down a double-double cheeseburger with the best of um!

How Does She Do It?!

Nastia Liukin Continues To Light Up Instagram With Sexy Snaps!


The good news -- In the newest IG videos, Nastia says she will be launching a YouTube channel and will feature a house tour of her new home in Dallas, Texas. The more Luikin, the better!

The gymnast made huge headlines this week after posting an eye-popping photo of herself wearing pants that appear to be snakeskin! "Anyone else sick of WFH?" she captioned the post. It's unclear if it was REAL snake, but she blew the minds of her followers with the mirrored selfie!

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