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Kanye West Plays Role Of Santa Giving Thousands Of Toys To Chicago Children

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By TheBlast Staff on December 21, 2021 at 7:30 AM EST

Kanye West is one of the biggest rappers to ever come out of his hometown of Chicago. Now, Ye is giving back in a major way, to help those who need it for the Christmas holiday.

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Kanye Gives Away 4,000 Toys To Children In Chicago

According to ABC 7, Kanye West was in Chicago on Sunday, where 4,000 toys were given to children. This was to help make the Christmas holiday easier, for them.

Ye is even being praised as a "modern day Santa," due to this very generous gesture. This event was held inside the gymnasium of Kennedy King College. Food, prizes, and games were also available for all who attended.

ā€œIā€™m so proud that Kanye is, once again, responding to our request to help the children of Englewood and beyond," says Alderman Stephanie Coleman. He is no stranger to our community. His presence has always been felt in our neighborhoods and he loves visiting, but this Christmas he has truly been our modern-day Santa Claus."

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Kanye Also Donated Meals In Los Angeles

Kanye has definitely been giving back for the holidays. For Thanksgiving, he also donated 1,000 meals, to LA Mission. Ye also met with local leaders to discuss how to help out the homeless, in Los Angeles.

Ye wants to create a plan to continue feeding the homeless while establishing a relationship with organizations who look to fix these problems.

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Kanye Held 'Free Larry Hoover' Benefit Concert With Drake

Earlier this month, Kanye also had one of the biggest performances of 2021. This was his "Free Larry Hoover" benefit concert, which also included a performance from Drake. That came after the two ended their 3-year-old feud, in November.

Kanye went on to perform some of his biggest hits of all-time, such as "Gold Digger," "Stronger," "Can't Tell Me Nothing," "All Of The Lights," "Mercy," and more. This concert was held at the LA Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans. Fana sold out this stadium, as this was the first concert by Kanye, of 2021.

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Kanye Has One Of The Biggest Albums Of 2021

In addition to Kanye's charitable works, he has also continued to dominate musically. This was the case in August, when he put out his "Donda" album. This was his 10th studio album, as well as his 10th consecutive number one album.

Ye had one of the most interesting album rollouts of the year, with Donda. This was done with three album listening events. Two were held in Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the final one being in his hometown of Chicago, at Solider Field. Both of these events were also packed, as fans looked forward to get an early listen of Donda.

Ye also expressed his disapproval of Universal Music Group making the August 29 release happen without his consent. In the end though, it was another easy number one for the legendary rapper. He also continues to have his weekly Sunday Service events, with his popular Sunday Service choir.

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