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Kanye West photographed with his children

Kanye West Releases New Politically-Charged Song

Kanye West / Twitter
By Chris Barilla

Kanye West has had his name marred in controversy ever since he announced his ambitions to run for President of the United States as an Independent candidate under a new party he dubbed "The Birthday Party." 

Running on a largely faith-based platform that focuses on prayer and togetherness, the "Follow God" rapper has been petitioning friends and fans to write him in on their Presidential ballots across the nation. 

Now, following some false information that allegedly showed West polling ahead of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the state of Kentucky, the star decided to release a new song on social media to celebrate.

Presidential Ambitions


West tweeted out yesterday a screenshot that seemingly showed him coming only in second place to Independent candidate Jo Jorgensen in the Presidential primaries, with Republican and Democratic nominees Donald Trump and Joe Biden trailing behind him by thousands of votes. 

This shocking bit of information, which was seemingly shared by NBC's LEX 18 News, was shortly after disproved with the channel responding to West's tweet saying simply that, "The results shown were not valid. They were simply part of a test."

New Music

Kanye and North West photographed together
Kanye West / Twitter

Despite the confusion regarding the misleading election numbers, West was clearly initially thrilled at the prospect that he was leading polls in that location, so much so that it spurred the notoriously sporadic artist to actually release a song (or the majority of one) through social media.

Endearingly dubbed "Nah Nah Nah," the track is clearly West's reaction to the alleged news of his pole results, discussing his Presidential ambitions, media framing of him, and his constant battle to re-acquire his masters from Sony and Universal. 

Sharing It With Fans

Giphy | American Idol

"THE WHOLE TEAM IS SO ENERGIZED THAT I HAD TO RELEASE THEME MUSIC NAH NAH NAH," West tweeted accompanying a video of Joaquin Buckley's infamous UFC knockout scene running on a loop behind the new track.

A sample of 2005's "Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith," with an aptly placed line about Obi-Wan Kenobi having the "higher ground" is a focal point of the track that many online gravitated to once West shared the seemingly rough song just before 2 A.M.

What It's Like

Kanye West appears in the "Wash Us In The Blood" music video
Kanye West / Twitter

The new track seemingly follows a similar structure to West's other most recent release "Wash Us In The Blood." The largely industrial-based samples, modulation, and BPM are seemingly reminiscent of West's previous full-length project "Yeezus," but interjects a much higher level of faith-based lyrics and comments on political/societal issues.

Whether this song will be a part of West's alleged forthcoming album "Donda: With Child," or not remains to be seen, but for fans of the rapper, the promise of any new music is good news.

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