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Miley Cyrus and Trace Cyrus

Miley Cyrus' Brother Touts Shirtless Transformation During Sobriety

Trace Cyrus / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Trace Cyrus is looking a bit different these days, and it's not because he saw some crazy Hollywood doctor, the older brother of Miley Cyrus has worked his butt off to get clean and sober while transforming his body into a bulked-up spectacle. 31-year-old Trace took to Instagram this week to reveal to fans that he's been dedicated to staying clean and healthy while keeping focused on the daily grind of working out. It's been a long, tough road for the singer after he admitted to relapsing earlier this year.

Clean & Lean

Trace Cyrus shirtless selfie
Trace Cyrus / Instagram

The "Dark Road" singer showed himself posing down in the bathroom of his gym for a shirtless selfie that showed off his hard work. Cyrus' tattoo-covered body was showing definite signs of getting healthy, and the star was happy to speak about the hard work he's been putting in behind the scenes.

"31 days completely sober! My energy has come back. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. My anxiety has been fading away. I feel stronger than I ever have before," Trace wrote to fans.

Open & Honest

Trace Cyrus staring into camera
Trace Cyrus / Instagram

Trace Cyrus, who has been open about his battles with alcohol addiction, says he has put everything else in his life on hold while he dedicated himself to getting clean and healthy:

"The most important thing in my life is music & I’ve put that on hold to focus on this process of bettering myself. A lot of people ask me why I’m making these physical & mental changes. It’s all to be the best version of myself as an artist."

What A Difference!

Before and After of Trace Cyrus
Trace Cyrus / Instagram

It's been an ongoing process for Trace, who revealed earlier this year that he relapsed with alcohol after struggling to stay sober. However, he is finally noticing some of the physical changes his body has taken on the path to recovery, which has motivated him to keep going.

"The pic on the left is a reminder how far I’ve really come. At that time in my life my addictions had completely taken control, I was barely eating, & my anxiety was so bad It was a struggle just to leave my house. I look so skinny in the older pic it almost looks photoshopped but I promise it’s not.. Since then I’ve gained 50 pounds & feel like a completely different person."

Staying Focused

Trace Cyrus sitting on motorcycle
Trace Cyrus / Instagram

Getting clean has also brought a greater importance in Trace's life for his family and friends, as well as his own life and future.

"I feel blessed to just be alive, healthy, & to get another day to live in this amazing world. I realize I’ve been ungrateful, selfish, & don’t always realize how great life really is. I’m excited for the future & how clear my mind is becoming," he recently wrote on Instagram.

He added, "My priorities are changing & I’m excited for the new man I’m becoming."

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