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Cardi B Shows Off MASSIVE Hermès Birkin Bag Collection

By Mike Walters

Cardi B just showed off her massive handbag collection, and it's worth more than most people's homes!

The 'WAP' posted a picture that appears to be inside of her walk-in closet that is filled to the brim with Hermès Birkin purses that go for over 10,000 a pop! If you look close, it appears the rapper has one for every occasion and one for each color of the rainbow.

The 28-year-old rapper, who celebrated her birthday over the weekend, even added a light blue one thanks to Kylie Jenner, who gifted her the luxury item for her big day!

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Check Out This Massive Collection!


To be honest, we are not one to judge someone's Birkin collections, and it's possible a few of them are a different brand, but this appears to be one of the most expensive purse collections in Hollywood!

"Pick a color," Cardi captioned the mind-blowing photo! "Bag lady 🔥," a fan joked in response.

"A girl can dream 😍 woooow 🙌" another person posted. BTW -- we attempted to do the math, and it looks like Cardi B is locked and loaded with hundreds of thousands worth of handbags! We did some digging, and Cardi has been sporting all different colors on IG for some time now.

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Cardi's Purses Worth Hundred Of Thousands Of Dollars!


"That’s 460,000 dollars worth of money soooo can you help pay my college tuition which is something worth spending money on," one fan posted. It's unclear if that is exactly what these purses are worth, but the point is a good one.

As we reported, Kylie Jenner added a hugely expensive blue Birkin to Cardi's collection over the weekend -- “Look at this Birkin. Thank you, Kylie Jenner!” Cardi said on IG, adding, “Bing Bylie! She goes by King Kylie, but you know we’ve gotta B, B, B. Powder blue. I know I’ve got a bathing suit that can match this s--t.”

“Omggg Thank you @kyliejenner haaannn rockin it tomoorrraaa," she captioned the clip.

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Back Together With Baby Daddy, Offset?!


For the recond, a Birkin of this style can retail for anywhere from $11,000 to over $25,000.

Cardi B's birthday was a huge deal in her personal life as well...after she was spotted giving ex-husband Offset a kiss. The 'Migos' rapper gifted his now estranged wife a brand new Rolls Royce SUV -- with a custom car seat, built-in, for their daughter Kulture. The 'WAP' rapper ended the night by straddling her estranged husband and twerking on top of him.

Getting Back Together?! Stay Tuned....

Now, Pick A Color...Any Color!

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