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Demi Rose Spills Out Of Top While Partying With Girlfriends

By Ryan Naumann

Demi Rose is living her best life while partying on a tropical island with a ton of her gorgeous girlfriends.

The 25-year-old model has been sharing her week-long extended vacation on social media. Demi is showing off with sultry vacation photos. The internet personality, who has over 16 million followers, arrived in the Maldives over the weekend.

Demi has been using the sandy beaches to create content for her Instagram. She took time out of the trip to pose at several locations around her hotel.

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Last night, the group decided to turn up all the way and hit the club. All of the women dressed up in sexy outfits. The model, along with her stunning best friends, decided to hijack the DJ booth. One friend pretended she was actually controlling the records being played. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and drinking freely. The owners did not seem concerned with the antics.

Demi hit the dance floor where one friend decided to get low while another smacked her butt.

After a crazy night out on the town, one might think you would look a little rough. Demi isn’t one of those people.

The morning after the craziness at the hotel bar, Demi posted a boomerang video of herself in bed. She looked incredibly while wearing a black ensemble and full glam.

Demi decided to hit the club again. She taped her friend sucking on the hookah inside the somewhat empty venue. The ladies raped along to Eminem’s “Without Me” while drinking.


In another clip, Demi showed off her gorgeous smirk while drinking wine and dancing to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Fans showered the model with love in the comment section.

A ton of her followers left heart-eyed emojis underneath the post. Many commented on her fit body while praising her for showing off. One fan wrote, "Looking amazing 💕."

Another said "Shades can’t steal the vision but you stole my heart😍😍😍" and "She living her best life ❤️❤️." Demi can do no wrong.


Demi, who is originally from the United Kingdom, is most known for being an ex-girlfriend of rapper Tyga. She is constantly on vacation in exotic locations around the globe. Demi regularly posts positive quotes on her social media platforms for her millions of followers.

She told her fans, “With everything that I’ve gone through in life I accept everything happens all in divine timing and it’s all for a purpose to have shaped me into the person I am today. I love the person I am today. Sparkling heart."

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