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Sommer Ray brushing back her hair

Sommer Ray's Booty Gainz Video Clocks Over 1 Million Views

Sommer Ray / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Instagram phenom Sommer Ray is back at work in the gym and taking video while she works out her best asset, and although the model is pretending to be annoyed about the angles her camerawoman is taking, Sommer realizes that she might as well accept it's the best way to sell her merch. The newly-turned 24-year-old bombshell took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon during a fitness session. Sommer was showing off some new workout shorts when she called out her photog for the up-close and personal shots.

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Make It Go Clap

Up close shot of Sommer Ray's booty
Sommer Ray / Instagram

"You always get my ass crack!" Sommer declared to her camerawoman, Nas.

Sommer explained that whenever she is recording, she later scrolls through the samples of video taken on her iPhone ... only to be treated to multiple shots of her "bootyhole."

"Well, it's the only content I've got ... I gotta post it," Sommer jokingly said while ribbing her friend. She then began her workout, which included all sorts of booty-filled inspiration for her friend to capture on video.

The Instagram video (see below) was so popular that it quickly racked up over 1.2 million views in a couple of hours!

Cop The Look

Sommer Ray in fitness gear
Sommer Ray / Instagram

"hahaha the worst or best video taker ever?? lol" Sommer captioned her video while reminding fans to cop a pair of her signature pants.

The floral pair of soft side stripe biker shorts can be found on the Sommer Ray Collection website and currently retail for a pretty reasonable price of $19.99

According to the site, the drawstring biker shorts are "Perfect for a home workout! Or to style when you're running errands and want to feel comfortable and sexy all day."


Sommer Ray with a white Ford Mustang
Sommer Ray / Instagram

Sommer Ray's bubbly workout comes on the heels of the star revealing an emotional side of herself during a Lana Del Rey-inspired photoshoot.

Last week, Sommer was seen taking snaps in a classic white Ford Mustang while stopped at a retro full-service gas station. While wearing a pink bodysuit cinched at the waist with a white belt, and matching white boots, the Instagram phenom was oozing sex appeal next to the muscle car.

Sommer also incorporated a prop into the shoot -- a can of cola which she casually drank through a straw.

What Tastes Like Cola?!

Sommer Ray drinking a cola
Sommer Ray / Instagram

It turned out the can of cola had a deeper meaning, as Sommer dropped an easter egg of a lyric in her caption which brought some meaning behind the whole vibe she was giving off.

"come on baby, let's ride we can escape to the great sunshine," the model wrote.

To many, it may just sound like an interesting caption, but Lana Del Rey aficionados will quickly point out that the line comes from the singer's hit song, "Cola," which brought a whole new meaning to the sexy photoshoot.

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