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Salma Hayek's Hooter Kiss Is Definitely Not Fowl

Salma Hayek / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Salma Hayek is starting her week off on the right foot, or talon, after nuzzling up to an adorable little owl to give it all the kisses in the world! The "From Dusk Til Dawn" star took to Instagram on Monday afternoon and treated her over 16 million fans to a real hoot when she showed off her winged friend in a video posted to social media. Along with her kisses, the actress was showing her bird a spicy little dance number while playing salsa music.

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Hoot Hoot!

Salma Hayek / Instagram

The 54-year-old "Like a Boss" star let her hair down for her cozy Monday morning dance session while rocking a black and white striped shirt, along with her thick-framed black glasses.

"Start your week, kissing someone before they fly away!" Hayek captioned her Instagram video.

If you're wondering where she got the owl, the actress actually adopted the adorable little bird of prey a couple years back, as she has an affinity for animals and added the owl to her growing collection of pets.

Love For Animals

Salma Hayek and her dog
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Salma Hayek's owl is in good company, as the star has a ton of pets at home with her longtime husband, François-Henri Pinault, and their daughter Valentina.

Back in 2013, the "Desperado" star told Ellen DeGeneres about her growing list of animal friends:

"I have five horses, four alpacas, one cat, eight dogs, one hamster, five parrots, two fish, I'm sure I'm forgetting something!" she excitedly declared.

She added, "'You know this is like the Oscars you forgetting someone. Oh I forgot! I have bunny rabbits, I have turkeys, 20 chickens, same with the rabbits be careful just buy one."

Hooter On Your Head

Salma Hayek / Instagram

Since adopting her owl, he has made numerous appearances on Salma Hayek's social media and has appeared to totally acclimate to living with the movie star.

"When you fall asleep with your glasses on and an owl on your head," Hayek wrote on Instagram back in May while showing her tiny hooter perched atop her dome.

It's unclear what type of owl Hayek's pet is, but the little grey and white bird of prey has gotten great reactions from her fans who love to see it explore the world.

Owl Be Back

Giphy | BBC Earth

Although many birds fall into the fowl category, owls actually do not because they are predatory nocturnal birds. The amazing creatures are from the order of Strigiformes, which includes about 200 species of predatory birds.

Although the skilled hunters are not usually considered pets, more and more celebrities are starting to try and domesticate the birds, as exotic pets has become all the rage.

Salma Hayek is not the only star with an affinity for hooters, as famed Outkast rapper, Big Boi, also owns a pair of owls, which he has named Hootie and Hoodini.

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