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Miley Cyrus poses for a selfie in a lilac wig

Miley Cyrus Opens WIDE With Shoulders Bare While Smashing Records

By Rebecca Cukier

Miley Cyrus opened it big and wide this weekend while breaking a new record. The 27-year-old singer and former "Hannah Montana" star updated her Instagram on Sunday to mark a record-breaking six weeks of her August-released "Midnight Sky" track dominating U.K. music charts, with her post offering a giant look down her pie-hole, plus that signature raised lip. Miley, told "The UK has great taste" and "America needs to get with the program," showed off her vocals in an accompanying video – check it out alongside the snaps below.

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Pandemic Track Tops U.K. Charts For New Record

Miley Cyrus poses indoors in briefs and a sheer tank

Scroll for the big mouth shot. Miley, followed by 115 million on her Instagram, had stuck to the disco rocker glam she's embraced since the '80s-style "Midnight Sky" video, which sees the blonde covered in glitter and dripping in Chanel. The post opened with the "SHE IS COMING" singer bare-shouldered and shot from the chest up, also throwing her head back and sticking out her tongue while posing with closed eyes – Miley might have moved on from her teeny bopper days on "Hannah Montana," but the stuck-outtongue remains her trademark.

'It's My Honor Making Music For You'

Miley Cyrus poses in metallics with a raised lip

Keep scrolling for more photos. A caption from the singer wholeheartedly thanked fans for their love and support, reading:

"Midnight Sky is on her 6th week #1 at UK radio! Broke the record for most weeks at the top in 2020. Thank YOU so much for all the love you show me and my art! It’s my honor makin music for you!"

Miley, currently gearing up for her seventh "She Is Miley Cyrus" studio album, took no time to be called: "Iconnn" by "High School Musical" alum Vanessa Hudgens, but she did attract an amusing "WAP" comment.

'WAP' Comment Nails It

Miley Cyrus in a bikini and poolside

A user referencing another no. 1 track went straight for lyrics from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" track – and it matched the image.

"Touch that lil dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat," they wrote, clearly quoting lyrics from 28-year-old Cardi.

Miley first performed "Midnight Sky" at the MTV VMA awards in September, with the NYC-held annual event snagging her two wins this year: she won both Best Editing and Best Art Direction for 2019-released "Mother's Daughter" track.

Celebrating VMAs Win With Pizza She Didn't Eat

Miley Cyrus poses on trailer steps with pizza

Miley made headlines after the VMAs, both for the wins and for her unique style of celebrating. The singer updated her Instagram while posing in her sheer mirror-ball Mugler dress and with a slice of pizza – that she didn't eat. Calling herself "TRASHY" as she tossed the pizza into a garbage can, Cyrus admitted that she'd eaten four-day-old Indian food instead.

The celebrations then turned racier as Miley stripped down to only a sheer metallic tank and briefs to celebrate the after-party look.

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