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Pamela Anderson staring into camera

Pamela Anderson Exposed In Tiny Dress, Admits She's An Empath

Pamela Anderson / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Pamela Anderson is revealing all sorts of things to her over one million followers, because not only is she showing off her assets in one of the tiniest dresses imaginable, the former "Baywatch" star is admitting that she is extra sensitive to the feelings of others and considers herself a legitimate empath. The iconic actress took to Instagram over the weekend and teased her fans with a provocative photoshoot from inside her home while explaining her paranormal powers to fans.

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Revealing Abilities

Pamela Anderson leaning against a wall in lingerie
Pamela Anderson / Instagram

53-year-old Anderson was not messing around when she dropped her latest social media snap, which showed the star squatting down in a stunning nightie, that she accessorized with matching high-heels and undies. While leaning against a doorway, the former "Baywatch" star was oozing sex appeal. However, there was something more interesting to reveal about the beauty's special powers.

"I am an empath and I have a sensitive soul (maybe from another star system) that needs to grow, and be nourished like plants need water," Anderson began her message to fans.

Strong Emotions

Pamela Anderson arched back on her bed
Pamela Anderson / Instagram

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an empath is someone with the ability to, "apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual." Some consider empaths to have a paranormal ability to keep in touch with others' feelings.

Anderson explains that she is evolving her abilities based on her interactions with others:

"I am continuously being pushed to new levels which involves being disappointed and challenged by other humans. This is a sign that I am uniquely sincere - and that’s kind of rare in a modern person."

Giving Her Heart

Giphy | Baywatch

The "Barb Wire" star claimed that her special ability makes her available to the world, but also means she is extra fragile and needs "special care."

"My heart is here to heal those around me, but there is a limit. Because I am different -I need special care," Anderson wrote.

She added, "That is what this difficult passage is amplifying -- My needs."

Although the actress limited comments on her Instagram post, to avoid harsh criticism, she did receive over 40,000 likes from her loving fans.

Wise Words To Live By

Pamela Anderson backlit against a window
Pamela Anderson / Instagram

Pamela Anderson has been intimate with fans lately when it comes to letting her creative juices flow, which may contribute to her ability as an empath.

Along with her provocative pics, Anderson recently shared a quote by famous Italian director Federico Fellini, "Don’t tell me what I’m doing, I don’t want to know."

The saying has to do with living in the moment and not wanting outside advice that could influence or hinder creative decisions. The actress is certainly taking the words to heart and continuing to unleash her creative energy.

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