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Nastia Liukin

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction With Sexy Shark-Bite Bikini!

By Mike Walters

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin just about lost the bottom half of her sexy swimsuit after showing off a unique design that looks like a giant shark took a bite out of it!

The 5-time gold medalist shared a stunning picture of herself sporting a black one-piece bathing suit, that features a 'shark-bite' looking piece ripped out of the mid-section. Don't worry, it the design of the suit, and Liukin didn't actually have to swim with the predators to get this sexy look!

The suit started hanging a little low, and the gymnast almost gave her followers more than they had bargained for -- Check This Out!

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Just A Little Bite!!

Nastia Liukin in shark-bite bikini

The shark-bite bikini is a home run! But, if you look closely, it appears the "shark" took a bit too much out of the fabric and left Nastia with a little too much of an opening in the southern part of the suit.

Although we are not complaining, Nastia may want to get that thing straightened up before it gets TOO low! With the summer heat pushing 100 degrees in Dallas, Texas, the legendary gymnastic is doing what she can to cool down!

"Dallas, you good? 98 degrees tmrw... guess it’s a pool weekend for us 😛," she captioned the stunning photo!

Bikini's It Is!!

Is That You Lady Gaga?!

Nastia Luikin posing in a bikini

As you know, Nastia is known for lighting up Instagram with smoking hot bikini shots, and this one reminded us of Lady Gaga after the famous tumbler tossed on this tiny orange one-piece and took a sexy mirror selfie.

So, What does it take to have a body like this?!

Well, besides the fact that she is a world-class athlete, Nastia can put away a cheeseburger like nobodies business! As we reported, Liukin posted a sultry video of herself slamming an IN-N-OUT burger and it is the hottest thing you have ever seen!

Check This Out!

Olympic Gymnast SMASHES A Double-Cheeseburger -- It Is Awesome!!


"Dammmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn," is all one fan could muster after seeing the shot!

I think we can all agree with this one, "Ummmm, Uuummm I think the picture is Uuummm mmyyy tongue is tied WOW WOW Uuummm !!!"

The 5-time Olympic gold medalist has made huge headlines this week after posting a host of mind-blowing photos on Instagram, including a montage of herself on the beach! Staying healthy is a top priority for the gymnast who recently wrote, "There’s (finally!) a chill in the air now and that means cold season is inevitably around the corner, with the change in seasons, I always try to keep my morning routine consistent, especially when I’m trying to keep my immune system strong!"

Looking GOOD So Far...

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