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Kelsea Ballerini poses looking at the camera

Kelsea Ballerini Can't Zip Tight Marshmallow Minidress Showing Tiny Waist

By Rebecca Cukier

Kelsea Ballerini has bravely posted a video showing her total inability to fit into a skintight minidress making her look "like a marshmallow." The 26-year-old country singer updated her Instagram ahead of the weekend with a backstage video of a fitting session with manager Lisa Ray – Kelsea, revealing it was the dress for her pandemic-dropped album cover, also revealed the reality of squeezing into the paneled number.

Kelsea has now clocked over 299,000 views to the video. Check it out below.

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Says She Looks Like A Marshmallow

Kelsea Ballerini poses in a button shirt and headscarf

Scroll for the video. Kelsea, followed by 2.2 million, had posted from a brightly-colored dressing room and backed by shelves. The "homecoming queen?" singer, known for her killer legs, had opted for a satin, pale pink, and unusual minidress that afforded segmented aspects – it also showed off Kelsea's tiny waist that's been fed Chick-Fil-A as a "weekly date" amid COVID.

With Kelsea's manager seemingly unable to zip up the tiny dress, the singer called for husband Morgan Evans. "Honey, can you help?" Kelsea was heard saying as she struggled with the tight fabrics.

Drops Her Oompa Loompa Dance

Kelsea Ballerini poses for a bikini selfie on a balcony

Keep scrolling for the video. Kelsea, who will happily go goofy on her Instagram and did just that with her quarantine chip dip workout, then admired her dress as she said it made her look "snatchedy snatched," before goofily going into an Oompa Loompa sing-song with a matching dance.

A caption from the Tennessee native read: "The kelsea/ballerini album cover dress: a saga #zippingupthemess #butreally"

Fans, who have been filling the comments section, had thoughts from the waistline to the wobbly zip moments. Scroll for the replies and McDonald's bed socks.

Fan Comments Pour In

Kelsea Ballerini poses in bed with socks on

"I look like a marshmallow” “look how snatchity snatched it makes me” HAHAHAHAHA," one user replied, with Kelsea also told:

"I love you. But it looks like the fancy paper things on the end of a baked turkey leg 🦃 😂."

Kelsea was also told that she appeared to have a 12-inch waist, with fans giving the bombshell the thumbs-up for the entertainment. Kelsea, whose Instagram has been documenting both the serious and more fun sides of quarantine, has also been making major music headlines.

Re-Records Album During Pandemic

Kelsea Ballerini poses on a bed in shorts with cookie dough

March brought Kelsea's third "kelsea" studio album, with the "buried" LP now getting a refresh via "Ballerini."

“We put it out just at the most unfortunate time,” Kelsea admitted. “I still felt like people wanted music and needed music to feel connected and comforted, but at the same time, I was so scared to take up any space with anything other than what was going on in the world," she added.

Kelsea dropped "Ballerini" last month. Scroll for the mouth-held chip dip workout.

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