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Nastia Liukin Smashing A Giant Burger Is The Hottest Thing You've Ever Seen!!

By Mike Walters

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is known for having one of the hottest bodies on Instagram, but the stunning star smashing a giant In-N-Out burger just takes her hotness to a whole other level!

Let's start by saying it is mind-blowing that Liukin can eat anything like a huge hamburger and still keep her figure in perfect shape -- but, remember she was a competitive athlete for many years!

The 30-year-old star shared a sultry video of herself having lunch with friends, and let's just say she can put back a double-double with cheese like she is playing for the Dallas Cowboys!

You Gotta See This!

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You Know That Tastes So Good!!


Just check out her perfect form! We guess that comes from years of practice -- she's a gymnast -- on how to perfectly place that steaming hot burger perfectly in her mouth without dripping one drop!

It appears she is an extra dressing kind of girl, and man does that make it even better! Ok, sorry we are hungry!

As you know, Nastia is better known for lighting up Instagram with eye-popping bikini shots and perfectly framed modeling shots that show off her famous look! Scroll for More Shots!

Chowing Down!


"Is what you’re holding onto worth the space it’s taking up?" she captioned a recent sexy snap. In this case, absolutely!

Nastia is quickly becoming one of the most popular celebrities on social media and is gathering tons of likes from her Million followers. Fans are flooding her account to show their appreciation for stunning photos!

"Honey 🍯 I bet you get tired of guys telling you how beautiful you are. 🌹🌹 But I cannot lie to you !!! There are not enough words in the English language to describe you !! ❤️❤️," one fan said taking his shot. But, sorry guys, we think she is taken!

How Does She Keep This Body So Tight?! See Below!

How Does She Do It?!


Ok, let's be honest, it takes a lot of hard work to look this good!

However, the 5-time Olympic gold medalist is good about sharing the beauty tips and products she uses to help with the process. Earlier this week, Nastia even let everyone in on a few secrets when it comes to keeping your lips in order. "[Cooler] weather is coming and that means chapped lip season is here. lip care is so easy to forget about but that doesn’t make it any less important! over the years I’ve tried tons of different lip balms and lip products, but I’ve finally nailed down the ones that work for me and I’m never turning back!" she told fans.

Bottom line, Please Tell Me She Is An Animal Fries Girl!

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