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WWE Star Lana Being Punished Following Miro's AEW Debut

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By Carol Cassada

It seems another wrestling couple is caught up in the war between WWE and AEW. 

Miro, better known to WWE fans as Rusev, made his AEW debut on September 9th. He's just one of the many WWE stars to make the jump to the company's competitor.

While Miro is enjoying his new job at AEW, his wife Lana is still under contract at WWE.

However, lately fans have noticed that Lana appears to be jobbing a lot in matches, leading to speculation WWE is punishing her because of her husband's actions.

Wrestling Brings Lana And Rusev Together

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Lana, whose real is CJ Perry met her husband Miro aka Rusev in 2013 when she joined WWE. During their time in NXT, the two were paired together onscreen when she became his manager.

Sparks flew in real-life for the couple, who began dating shortly afterwards.

Lana and Rusev's onscreen romance would be filled with rocky moments as the pair were split up multiple times over the years.

However, their real-life relationship continued to grow strong. The couple married on July 29, 2016, in Malibu. Then a few weeks later on September 3, they had another wedding in Miro's home country of Bulgaria.

Whether they were paired onscreen or sharing real-life adventures of married life, Lana and Rusev became one of wrestling's cutest couples.

Events Leading To Rusev's Exit

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Rusev had the strong physique and charisma that makes so many wrestlers into stars. Whether he was a heel or a babyface, fans connected with him. His popularity soared when he introduced the Rusev Day gimmick, which ran from 2017 to 2018.

Although WWE gave him a big push during his main roster debut in 2014, eventually they lost interest in the star. Despite the crowd's support, WWE never gave Rusev another mega push.

By 2019, Rusev had grown frustrated with his creative direction in the company. In September of that year, he was placed in a humilating storyline which had him and Lana kayfabe divorce when she dumped him for Bobby Lashley. 

In April 2020, Rusev would be just one of the many wrestlers released when WWE did their annual spring cleaning.

Miro's AEW Debut

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Following his WWE release, everyone began speculating over which company Rusev would join.

AEW, Impact Wrestling, and NJPW were the top contenders. Many of Rusev's former co-workers now worked for the companies; and fans speculated that the star would join one of them.

Fans had to wait awhile, but Rusev soon made his plans known.

On September 9, Rusev debuted on AEW Dynamite. Sporting a new look and now going by his real name Miro, he was announced at Kip Sabian's new tag partner and the best man for his upcoming wedding.

Lana's Punishment

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Like many other wrestling couples, Miro and Lana were now working for different companies.

With Miro joining WWE's competitor AEW, fans wondered if WWE would punish Lana for her husband's actions. WWE has a reputation of being petty towards superstars and their families.

Miro even expressed fears that WWE would humilate Lana as payback towards him, and hoped the company would keep things professional.

Shortly, following Miro's AEW debut, Lana began jobbing in matches and for three weeks in a row was put through a table by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Based on Lana's booking in recently, it does appear WWE is punishing her. This of course has fans riled up and will no doubt upset Miro.

Now the question on everyone's mind is how far will WWE go in their punishment of Lana. And, will this lead to her exiting the company and possibly joining her husband in AEW.

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