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Nastia Liukin in white hat and flannel jacket

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Avoids Chill With Red-Hot Bedroom Shots

Nastia Liukin / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin is finding a way to stay warm as the winter months approach, and we're guessing her approach is going to attract lots of fans. The 30-year-old star took to Instagram on Friday morning and dethawed everyone's social media feed from the morning chill with a fiery new shot taken from the comfort of her own bed. The star is also touting a new blog post where she is touting her strict morning routine for staying healthy and keeping away a winter cold.

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Getting Chilly

Nastia Liukin cuddled in bed
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

Nastia Liukin treated her 1 million followers to a beautiful wake-up call when she shared a photo -- allegedly -- taken moments after waking up at her home in Dallas, TX. The Olympic gymnast was seen curled up in bed with the covers wrapped around her body while soaking up the morning light.

"There’s (finally!) a chill in the air now and that means cold season is inevitably around the corner," Liukin wrote to her followers while showing off her morning hair.

Staying Consistent

Nastia Liukin looking off camera
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

The 5-time Olympic gold medal gymnast spoke about the importance of keeping a consistent morning routine as how she's able to stay healthy and focused during the winter months when catching a cold is all too common. The health advice also holds considerably more weight as the COVID-19 pandemic still runs rampant through the United States.

"With the change in seasons, I always try to keep my morning routine consistent, especially when I’m trying to keep my immune system strong!" Liukin wrote.

Finding What Works

Nastia Liukin with sports equipment
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

Nastia Liukin's post-gymnastics career has found her becoming a very popular social media influencer and blogger. She regularly posts articles on her website, sharing her own routines and favorite products in the hopes of inspiring those who want to follow in the Olympian's footsteps.

"I’ve been lucky enough to find some products that make keeping my routine easy and seamless while also keeping me healthy!" Liukin writes about staying healthy, which she aggregated on her site for readers to check out how she is able to keep on the grind 24/7.

What's On The List?

Nastia Liukin in red sweater
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

Some of Nastia Liukin's ways of staying healthy are tried and true, and some are part of the new age of thinking, but the star is putting it all out there for people to try out whatever they think will work for themselves.

The first part of Liukin's routine centers on waking up on time, and she touts an alarm clock with the company, Hatch, as a must-have.

Next, Liukin reveals she takes her morning juice with a special CBD compound, that she claims as, "worked wonders for my daily stress and anxiety levels."

Liukin's last two parts of the morning routine consist of meditation and working out, both of which are extremely important to the world-class athlete.

If it works for Nastia Liukin, we're willing to give it a try.

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