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Kaley Cuoco poses smiling with coffee and her dog

Kaley Cuoco Rocks Bathrobe & Towel Turban For 5.14 A.M. Coffee

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is back in her bathrobe – this time, at 5.14 a.m. The "Big Bang Theory" alum, whose crack-of-dawn starts get documented on her Instagram, updated ahead of the weekend with a little early morning action for her 6.1 million followers – Kaley, 34, was sipping her first coffee of the day and showing off a decidedly pared-down look.

If you aren't up-to-date, Kaley is in NYC to complete shooting her upcoming HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant." Check out the latest below.

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'Big Bang' Star Sleepily Glugs Coffee

Kaley Cuoco poses poses in a robe on a balcony

Scroll for the video. Kaley, who recently accidentally set her 4.45 a.m. alarm for 4.45 p.m., was up and showered before 5.15 a.m. on Thursday, also ready to guzzle her first caffeine dose. Kaley, who fronted Starbucks this year is both a coffee fiend and, per her words, a "connoisseur."

The video, shot in selfie mode, showed Kaley fresh-faced but bleary-eyed. The California native, wearing a white-and-gray bathrobe and cute towel turban for her wet hair, sipped her coffee from a dog-print mug, adding "WAKE UP" in text.

'A Cup Of Cuoco...', It All Adds Up


Keep scrolling for an episode. Kaley has been making headlines for her popular "A Cup of Cuoco" series, with the impromptu videos documenting the star's first coffee of the day as she shares her random thoughts. August onwards brought NY-set episodes after Kaley jetted out of L.A. – she's nearly done with "The Flight Attendant," which also brings 31-year-old sister Briana Cuoco.

Kaley then updated today and guessed it, another nightgown. The actress, this year deeming her Amazon-purchased sleepwear an "essential item," had just been gifted one as shooting wraps up.

'The Flight Attendant' – Everything You Need To Know


Kaley's upcoming series, touted as the hottest thriller this fall, brings her playing Cassandra Bowden, a woman who wakes up hungover and in a Dubai hotel room – and with a dead body lying next to her. Kaley both stars and serves as executive producer, with her Yes, Norman Productions company (named after her dog) behind it all.

"The Flight Attendant" co-stars "Game of Thrones" face Michiel Hiusman, plus Scottish "Dr. Who" actress Michelle Gomez, with Michelle seen in tense NYC street scenes as she held Kaley's character at gunpoint this month. Scroll for the cult-adored chihuahua.

Second Instagram Builds Cult Following

Kaley Cuoco prepares food for her dog in a kitchen

Kaley might source the majority of her social media traffic via her own Instagram, but there's a side-kick deal going on. The actress' "foster fail" chihuahua, Dumptruck Dumpy, has been set up with his very own @dumps_does_ny Instagram – he boasts over 50,000 followers. The account documents the NYC travels from the pooch's point of view. And this pup gets spoiled.

Kaley has been filmed chopping mortadella breakfast sausage for Dumpy, she's let him lick ice-cream while cozied up, and she's even bravely picked up his muck – on camera.

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