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Mike Pence's Debate Fly Is Now The Hottest New Halloween Costume

By Mike Walters

The most famous house fly in the world just became the most popular Halloween costume for this holiday season, after one of the biggest manufacturers decided to give Mike Pence and his fly their own costume!

We're told has just begun pump out massive amounts of Mike Pence wigs, which of course includes a little black fly that has landed in his hair!

If you aren't living under a rock, you heard or saw the most talked-about moment from last night's Vice-Presidential debate, where a house fly squatted right on top of his head.

It was classic. Take A Look At The Costume!

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See The New Mike Pence & His Fly Costume!!

As you can see, it's not easy to get the Mike Pence costume perfect, but the white wig with the black fly is priceless!

The company behind the costume sent out a press release telling customers they will begin shipping the amazing costumes right away!

"Sorry to bug you but... like the VP, we’ve got something we can’t get off our minds," the wrote. Adding, "At last night’s Vice Presidential Debate, it wasn’t the candidates that stole the show, but rather a single black fly that had its sights set on the White House (… or in this case the white hair)! In the post-debate coverage, the normal buzz heard about the room wasn’t questions about the positions, but instead the buzz around the Veep’s head."

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Mike Pence Destroyed With Hilarious Meme's Involving The Fly Landing!


As you can see, the fly moment has created a wildfire of creative memes and jokes about the insect, including this great one of Mr. Miyagi from 'Karate Kid' trying to catch it with chopsticks!

Oh ya, and the wig and fly costume will run you around $50 bucks, and you can pick it up...HERE!

The fly debacle was such a big story, it even gathered a few comments from A-list celebrities who couldn't believe their eyes! Julia Louis-Dreyfus was one of the first to share some thoughts saying, "Well, I really wish we had thought of this on @veephbo," adding, "who is controlling that fly?"

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The #1 Halloween Costume!


Trevor Noah's The Daily Show account also tweeted about the hilarious moment, saying, "Pence apologizing to Mother right now for getting to 3rd base with the fly."

As we reported, the fly wasn't the only issue Mike Pence had to deal with while debating Kamala Harris, he was also accused of suffering from a bad case of pink eye!

The words "pink eye" started trending worldwide on Twitter during the debate after one of Pence's eyes looked a little bloodshot! But, we would suggest not making this apart of your Halloween costume!

Happy Halloween!

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