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Salma Hayek poses for a selfie in jewelry

Salma Hayek's Assets Too Large For Skimpy German Peasant Dress

By Rebecca Cukier

When they don't fit, they don't fit. Salma Hayek was happy to admit that her curves were no match for her revealing "dirndl" dress on Thursday – the 54-year-old's video, shared with her 16.2 million Instagram followers, took fans back over a decade to her breastfeeding days. Salma, whose daughter Valentina is now 13, had posted a major throwback to a television appearance with another famous face. Deceased Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld had asked the "Frida" actress to squeeze into a traditional German dress. Check out what went down below.

'Could Barely Get Myself In It!'

Salma Hayek poses outdoors in a swimsuit and skirt

Scroll for the video. Salma, herself fresh from telling fans she doesn't show "cleavage" in all her photos, had definitely put her assets on show here, but the finish is never vulgar with Hayek, one of the classiest actresses in Hollywood.

The footage, super old-school, showed Salma on a German TV show and with Chanel boss Karl. The video kicked off with Hayek making her way to the stage and wearing platform black heels, plus an earthy-toned and traditional peasant dress with a plunging corset top, reddish waist ribbon detailing, plus puff white sleeves.

Dress Was Her 'Forfeit'


Keep scrolling for the video. Salma, also wearing her hair in girly pigtails with a "Sound of Music" vibe, was then seen twirled around by the show's host before sitting down and receiving a bouquet of flowers. She was also seen schmoozing with Lagerfeld, whom the fashion world continues to mourn following his February 2019 passing.

A caption from Salma explained what was going on as she opened: "When I was still breastfeeding my baby Valentina, I lost a bet in the German show “Wetten Dass…?”

Fans Definitely Have Thoughts


Hayek added: "My forfeit was to put on this beautiful, traditional dirndl that @karllagerfeld convinced me to wear, even though I could barely get myself in it! How do you say “no” to a #fashion king?"

Fans have been commenting ever since the video went live, with it racking up over 750,000 views in under three hours.

"Salma, it's early," a reply read – but it came with a fire emoji. "Dude in sunglasses knew she was coming out," another added – Karl was seen in his signature dark suit, tie, and statement shades. Scroll for the 2020 vs. 1999 bikini body.

2020 Bikini Body Hotter Than 1999 One, Scroll For Comparison

Salma Hayek poses in a bikini throwback

Salma, who recently shouted out another high fashion brand by lying in a sea of Gucci shoes, has been looking back at it – quite literally. The Mexican recently shared a 1999 bikini campaign she did for clothing giant H&M, then causing a giant hoopla by recreating the exact same pose in 2020 as she lay in a chocolate-brown swimsuit and poolside. The 2020 photo, seen below, came captioned:

"2020: More than 20 years after my last post. Ready for the weekend! Have a great #Friday!"

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