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Chanel West Coast laughing

Chanel West Coast Catches Tomatoes In Her Mouth In Bikini Bottoms

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast's mouth knows how to catch circular fruit at a distance – it isn't just the iconic laugh from this "Ridiculousness" face. The 32-year-old MTV face and rapper had major yacht fun this week as she partied with friends. Yacht outings for West Coast do not come without a little catering, though, with the "No Plans" rapper ensuring that a balanced diet was available.

Chanel updated her Instagram stories on Wednesday with her killer bikini body, plus a reminder that it ain't West Coast unless it's fun. Check it out below.

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Yacht Action All Over Her Instagram

Chanel West Coast poses on a yacht in a swimsuit

Scroll for the video. Chanel, whose latest "No Plans" track was shot inside a $50 million mansion, has not been downplaying the luxury of late. The Fashion Nova partner has ramped up the designer gear on her IG, although there was no Louis Vuitton swimsuit yesterday.

Videos shared with Chanel's 3.5 million followers showed her with friends, enjoying a White Claw, and goofing around big-time. Chanel, wearing white bikini bottoms, a cropped strappy top, and big matching hat, first caught an orange wedge for her "LEGENDARY SHOT!" with footage, below, then getting tomatoey.

She'd Probably Liven Up Your Party


Keep scrolling for more photos. Chanel, then seen with a friend aiming a cherry tomato at her and catching it in her mouth, also offered a sneak peek of her on-board food platter that included salami slices and what might just have been eggs.

Chanel later updated her Instagram while flaunting her goddess bikini body and kicking back on a pool floatie. The floral bikini shot seeing the LOL Cartel founder rocking bunched pigtails and white-rimmed shades promised new stuff – "Shooting for something new I’m dropping. So excited! Announcing soon! Stay tuned 😎💖."

'Oh, She Cute Cute'

Chanel West Coast poses crouching in satin shorts

Fans, who will rip West Coast apart when it suits them, have been responding positively.

"Dear Lord, what a stunner," one fan wrote, with another calling the "Fantasy Factory" face "cute cute" – and she is. Chanel, a known chameleon on her IG, has been spicing up her updates since returning to "Ridiculousness" after the pandemic pause. She's also injected everything from her "bossy" Balmain to her Gucci swimsuits – the latter came in hot pink with a matching face mask and shades. Scroll for the bikini pic Instagram deleted.

Instagram Deletes Her Bikini Pic, She Reposts

Chanel West Coast poses with girlfriends by a lake in a bikinis

Chanel, who made February 2020 headlines for ranting she doesn't get enough Instagram likes, has been back in the news for taking control when her IG activity doesn't go as planned. When a summer bikini shot showing her and three friends flaunting her booties in a row was deleted, Chanel wasted no time in reposting, writing:

"LMFAO...REPOST," adding: "Because this post was removed for “bullying and harassment” can someone explain what in this photo is bullying or harassment? 😂"

Chanel has gained 100,000 followers since the August drama.

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