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Dove Cameron

Is Dove Cameron A Sultry Cyborg?

By Jeff Mazzeo

Have you ever looked at Dove Cameron and thought that she's too perfect to be human? Well, her latest post has us questioning everything we know about the star!

The former Disney star shared a strange post on Tuesday that featured a short video of herself with no audio. It showed the star looking rather robotic as she mouthed unknown words for the camera. Dove is pretty artsy but it was difficult to lock down the message that she was trying to convey.

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'Ex Machina'


"ex machina," Dove simply captioned her post and she turned comments off.

"Ex Machina" is the title of a 2014 film where a hot and intelligent humanoid robot uses her womanly power and emotions to influence a computer programmer. It is a mind-bending thriller that will forever alter the way you look at robots.

Cameron has revealed that she sometimes feels like an alien stuck in her body but it's unclear if she is saying that she feels like a robot as well.

Literary Divisiveness

Dove Cameron wearing headphones

Perhaps we are not giving Dove enough literary credit. "Ex Machina" stems from the Latin term, "Deus ex machina," which translates to "god from the machine." It was invented in Ancient Greece by Aeschylus, who is known as the father of tragedy. In Greek plays, the plot or main problem was often solved by the appearance of a god. The actor that was charged with playing the god would often make his way to the stage via a machine like a crane or trap door, hence "god from the machine."

In modern literature, the term describes any unexpected resolution or solution to the main character's problem but is often looked down on for being an easy way to wrap up a story.

Maybe Dove is hinting at some unexpected solution that she has not revealed to her fans yet?

Ghost In The Shell

Dove Cameron's snake tattoo.

Dove flaunted her sultry long legs and her snake tattoo earlier this week. The actress is super into ink but her ankle tatt seems to be one of the biggest that she has. She fully bodied a green dress by Ralph and Russo for a slithering photoshoot.

"Ghost,” she wrote alongside the green dress pic.

Her "ghost" caption does help her case when it comes to proving she is not a robot because there was a 2017 movie called, "Ghost in the Shell." The plot of that film also is centered around a cyborg trying to discover her human past.

Sweat Proves She's Human

Dove Cameron in a sports bra.

While compiling evidence of Dove's potential of being a robot, we discovered some evidence of her human nature. She shared a sweaty selfie last month after an intense workout. Last time we checked, robots don't sweat... yet.

"hey, it’s your boyfriend . just double checking that you’re registered to vote #nationalvoterregistrationday," she captioned the sweaty selfie.

We don't think a robot would encourage fans to vote either. Well, we guess Dove is just a perfect human!

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