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Nastia Liukin in pink

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Wets Her Whistle While Touting Moist Lips

Nastia Liukin / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin may want to chalk up before hitting a gold-medal run on the uneven bars, but when it comes to her skincare the star knows the importance of avoiding chapped lips. The 30-year-old star took to Instagram this week and talked about her long experience with searching for the perfect lip moisturizer. The advice from Liukin may be just the ticket the rest of us need to get ready for the harsh winter months so that we can protect our puckers.

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Pucker Up

Nastia Liukin looking away from the camera
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

The 5-time Olympic gold medalist didn't just walk into the store and decide on some chapstick and writes to fans that she did her research through an arduous process of trial and error.

"[Cooler] weather is coming and that means chapped lip season is here. lip care is so easy to forget about but that doesn’t make it any less important! over the years I’ve tried tons of different lip balms and lip products, but I’ve finally nailed down the ones that work for me and I’m never turning back!" Nastia wrote to fans.

Becoming a Blogger

Nastia Liukin in black dress
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

The Olympic star wrote a whole post on her blog about lip care and included her most valued products that she personally uses.

"I’m all about self care and caring for my lips is a critical part of my skincare routine, especially in the winter months. link in bio for 4 of my go-to lip products that will save you this season."

Nastia's favorite moisturizers include lip scrubs, balms and even a lip sleeping mask.

When it comes to the sleeping mask, Nastia writes, "I love that it has a slightly thicker texture and I apply it as a final step in my skincare routine right before bed."

Giving Fans What They Want

Nastia Liukin in green swimwear taking selfie
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

Fans were excited to get some lip from Nastia Liukin as winter approaches and sounded off in the comments with praise.

"I’ve been needing this!! If I’m looking for a more basic chapstick style lip product," one fan wrote.

"Gorgeous," another fan commented in reference to the closeup angle of the Olympic gymnast's mug ... which of course showed off her non-chapped lips.

Staying away from cracked lips is obviously important to the social media influencer, who regularly posts up-close and personal shots to share with her over 1 million followers.

Feeling The Look

Nastia Liukin in barely-there top
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

The message about her kisser comes on the heels of Nastia Liukin causing a viral stir by flaunting another body part when she literally made everyone green with envy.

"[Over] captions, so here you go. hi," the 5-time gold medalist wrote to fans alongside a titillating shot over the weekend.

Nastia was sporting an all-green outfit of mini shorts and a top that barely contained her curves, along with a loose-fitting top that hung low on her shoulders. Covering her face with her iPhone, Liukin was serving up a whole vibe.

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