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Britney Spears poses in a glittery dress

Britney Spears Stuns Bringing Christmas Early With Tiny Waist

By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears delivered a rare and breath-taking fairytale look last night – 100% not the tiny shorts and crop tops that have been filling the 38-year-old singer's Instagram this summer. The Grammy winner updated her Instagram on Monday with a party look and a major Christmas injection alongside her stunning smile – "I know, me in a party dress" was something Britney joked was "unheard of" as she posed smiling in an all-white look that seemed right out of a story book. Check out the shot below.

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'Not Sure What The Bright Light Was About'

Britney Spears poses outdoors in a crop top

Scroll for the photo. Britney, followed by 26.5 million on her IG, had gone with old-school fairytale charm. The "Womanizer" singer, shot against a dark wall and popping against it, was outfitted in a stunning, strapless, and glittery white dress with a bustier top and billowing skirt, showing both her tiny waist and her slender shoulders. A huge white blob that might have been a ruffle was confirmed not to be as Britney wrote:

"But I'm not sure what the bright light was about."

'Pic Just Came Out That Way'

Britney Spears poses in a strapless party dress

Britney, whose every post has been ripped apart in 2020 as her 2008-commenced conservatorship continues, added:

"No it’s not apart of the dress ... no it’s not a ruffle !!!! The pic just came out that way ... things that make you go hmmmmmm 🤔🧐👀 !!!!"

Over 315,000 likes have been left overnight, with Spears bringing in some celebrities. Sister Jamie Lynn, 29, left two star emoji and "High School Musical" alum Vanessa Hudgens wrote: "Woooow loooooveeee."

The fans, who have been calling Britney the "Holy SpearIt," are getting busy in the comments section – but not all are sending smiley thoughts.

Fans Feel 'Uneasy' Amid Singer's Legal Battles

Britney Spears poses in a crop top

Britney, whose 68-year-old father Jamie Spears controls his daughter's finances and many other aspects of her life, now sees the usual concern flying in. #FreeBritney is convinced that the mom of two's Instagram is a giant setup, often accusing her team of posting, also suggesting that Britney has no control over the account.

"I feel...very uneasy about this picture...," a popular comment read. "So many things about this IG make me go hmmmm," another added, then saying the "hope" Britney is okay. Scroll for Britney's Instagram vs. Reality.

Showing Instagram Vs. Reality

Britney Spears poses at home in jeans by a ladder

Britney is fresh from showing that she's a jeans and plaid shirts girl – and one who can't change light. On Monday, the singer updated with three "Instagram vs reality" photos as she posed by a ladder, also showing a glasses and messy hair look as she admitted feeling vulnerable when photographed.

Britney, admitting she was too short to manage the light fix, wrote: "Psss in these pics ….. I was trying to fix a light 💡 but realized I was too short 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂😂😂😂 !!!!"

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