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Chris Evans Shocks Instagram With Shirtless Video Revealing Unseen Tattoos

Instagram | Chris Evans
By Rima Pundir

So Chris Evans is trying to make amends after accidentally leaking a nudie on Instagram, by posting a shirtless video on Instagram that had fans slack-jawed with wonder. 

After his leaked nudie that he shrugged off as "embarrassing but things happen", many stood in support of him, sending him comments full of love and understanding and asking him not to be embarrassed about it. Especially since he was the “full package”.

And now, Cap seems to have revealed hidden tats and Instagram just can't handle it.

Could Not Dodge A Faux Pas

Instagram | Chris Evans

Soon after the “dig pick” incident, Evans posted a picture of him and his pooch, Dodger with the duo looking pretty happy.

But forget fans, even friend and little brothers continued to needle Evans about the mishap with Scott Evans tweeting this the day after, “Was off social media for the day yesterday. So. What did I miss?”

Meanwhile, fellow Avenger and friend Mark Ruffalo had some wise advice to offer on Twitter, “.@ChrisEvans Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See... silver lining.”

Got Some Wood?

Instagram | Chris Evans

Evans did not help his case by posting a picture of a tree soon after. And while it was just a regular tree, fans could not help but go “LMAO” over the obvious wood pun.

Wrote a fan, “Yes king give us tree content ✨".

Of course, not everyone out there was trying to make a joke on Cap’s expense as others wrote, “Yes Chris is famous, but he has private life too. Accidents happen so people need to respect his privacy and move on!!”.

Here's the tree post.

From Pretty & Soft...

Instagram | Chris Evans

Yesterday, Chris Evans did a throwback pic of him in high school and captioned it, “Wow. High school starter kit complete with beaded necklace and hat with sports tape.”

One fan wrote, “I don’t see a change Chris” while another did a “Friends”-themed comment, writing, “Rachel Green’s voice: he’s so pretty I wanna cry!”

Others declared him in high school would have been a jock, writing, “I totally would have had a crush on you in high school!! You were and still are such a cutie!”

Seems Chris’s Instagram is back to good and wholesome family content. Sometimes, with a political twist...

...To Rock Hard Abs & Tats

Instagram | TeamCEvans

But what has totally blown fans away is the fact that there are tattoos on Chris's torso and no one knew about it, seen on his Instagram feed

Wrote one fan on Twitter, "Umm I know the world is on fire but I would like to take a tiny moment to let everyone know Chris Evans may be covered in a bunch of new tattoos on his chest and stomach. I’m not okay!!!!"

Another wrote, "But then Chris Evans posted a video of himself shirtless with all his tattoos out in the world and suddenly, the exhaustion has briefly vanished and my mental health is back to at least 60%."

Evan meanwhile, is questioning the mental health of some VIPs.

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