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Britney Spears Gives A Sneak Peek At Her REAL Life -- 'Instagram Vs. Reality'

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears wants the world to know her REAL life isn't what it appears like on Instagram, and she shared a montage of photos that show off what her normal day actually looks like! You Gotta See This!

The pop princess decided to let her die-hard fans in on what she dubbed 'Instagram vs. Reality' and it includes pictures of her attempting to fix a light inside her house. Ya, even multi-million dollar superstars get burned out lightbulbs! So, what does one of the most famous stars on the planet look like on a daily basis?!

You Have To See This!

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Britney Spears In Her 'Reality' Outfit: Jeans & A Comfy Flannel!


As you can see, Britney is just like the rest of us, and prefers to do chores around the house in comfy jeans and a flannel shirt. Sound familiar? Check out Brit Brit's explanation:

"Instagram versus Reality !!!! I wanted to show you what I really look like on a daily basis 🤓 !!!! I can get insecure when photos are taken of me that I’m not prepared for ….. so I have always put so much effort into my appearance … but you know sometimes it’s nice to not try so hard and pull down your walls every now and then !!!! It takes a lot of strength to do that!!!"

Now, Take A Look At Britney Dolled Up On Instagram!

Britney On Instagram: BOOM!


It is not easy making it look this good!

Britney wasn't done yet, the pop star gave a little insight into the 'normal' parts of her life. Keep in mind she is arguably the most famous person on the planet!

"PS another fun fact about me …. instead of cheerleading I played ball 🏀 in school and I was the point guard … I called the shots 😜🎪 but dear God we sucked … we only won 3 games each season 😂🙊🤣 !!!!! Psss in these pics ….. I was trying to fix a light 💡 but realized I was too short 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂😂😂😂 !!!!" she wrote.

Britney's boyfriend, Sam Asghari couldn't help himself, and commented on her post, "Oh come on! The (Lakers) & (Lebron James) need you! Talented at every level. The real 🐐."

Now, Back To Reality!

Back To Reality: Anyone Need There Light Bulb Fixed?!


Britney's fans couldn't believe how happy and relaxed she looks considering she is in a contentious court battle with her father and others about her conservatorship.

"You literally look so comfy and relaxed love it 🌹Literally the cutest human being alive," fans posted.

"And yet you still look absolutely gorgeous without all the makeup and fussing," another wrote.

Well, maybe comparing most of our 'normal' lives with the ones we portray on Instagram look similar to Ms. Spears -- But, can you do THIS?!

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