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Sommer Ray poses amid leaves

Sommer Ray Handles Massive Snake In Miniscule Bikini

By Rebecca Cukier

"Damn, Sommer" – even the cameraman was impressed today as 24-year-old model Sommer Ray expertly handled the world's biggest snake. The fitness model and social media sensation, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, was back to proving that she's anything but regular. Sommer wasn't on her IG, but she was on her TikTok, where over 7 million followers aren't quite the 25.5 million boasted on Sommer's Instagram.

Sommer, who owns baby snakes, was showing her skills with a giant one. Check it out below.

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Bikini Bombshell Impresses Cameraman

Sommer Ray poses for a bikini selfie

Scroll for the video. It showed the Colorado native indoors and on a shoot. Sommer, who lifts weights for a living, clearly had no problem lifting up the giant slithering snake as she showcased her rock-hard body – the model wore a tiny blue bikini, plus white sneakers.

Sommer, flashing her biggest grin and seeming mighty proud of herself, was told she did it "like a champ." "DAMNNNN SOMMER," the cameraman was heard saying, with Sommer captioning the video: "My baby."

Fans Are Commenting

Sommer Ray poses in underwear on a lounger

Keep scrolling for the video. Sommer's followers, recently ramping up their requests for a "WAP" video from the star, have been busy commenting. And, it would seem, joking around.

"If you look closely, she's holding a snake," one user kidded.

"The cameraman looks scared, just backed off," another added. Click here for the video.

Others, meanwhile, seemingly well-versed in Ray's Instagram activity, noted that the blonde is "always playing" with snakes. And that's not all Sommer plays with. Lately, it's been captions and food, including that boat-load of birthday sundae. More after the rain shower video.

Rejects 2020

Sommer Ray poses in overalls

Sommer made headlines recently for stating the obvious. Namely, that 2020 is a year nobody wants to count and everybody wants to forget. In late September, Sommer updated in a teal bikini and green shirt, writing:

"I'm not adding this year 2020 to my age.. i didn’t use it bikini - @shopsommerray."

"Sommertime Sadness" has also been a well-received caption, although it's the photos and videos that everyone's hitting follow for. Sommer recently devoured her The Sugar Factory birthday sundae for a headline-making finish as she celebrated turning 24.

Dropping Her Merch All Over IG

Sommer Ray poses with a bicycle on the beach

Sommer uses her Instagram platform for sales of her Sommer Ray's Shop clothing and swim line. The popular range that includes Gym to Swim bikinis, plus plenty of floral numbers, just got a new announcement today. Sommer posed in tight shorts and with a bicycle while on a beach, letting her fans know they can shop new stuff.

"Who wants some more SR @psdunderwear?! 😛 also i just launched these hats in lots more colors on @shopsommerray ☀️," Sommer told her followers.

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