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Sommer Ray Scorches On Beach Bike Ride In Nothing But Skintight Undies!

By Mike Walters

If Sommer Ray isn't careful she is going to cause a car accident after the Instagram model decided to ride bikes on an L.A beach with nothing on but her skin-tight undies!

The 24-year-old social media influencer knows exactly what she is doing, as she was spotted sporting a pair of PSD underwear, and posing on the beach. Ray shared the mind-blowing photos on Monday afternoon -- ya, that's what she is doing right now -- of herself in multi-colored sexy underwear that leaves little to the imagination. Are you buying what she is selling?!

You Gotta See This!

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Sommer Ray Shows Off Stunning Body While Riding Bikes In L.A.


The stunning model is enjoying the beautiful weather in Southern California, and what better way to escape the heat then to hit up the beach! Oh ya, and wear as little as possible!

We would share with you her caption for these pictures, but she is just selling the underwear -- what is awesome is the reactions to Sommer's mind-blowing body! Scroll down for more hotshots, but first, read these classics!

"Damn wish I was that bicycle seat right now," one person said.

Another hilariously added:

"I wish I had a Harry Potter spell to turn myself into a bike seat 😏"

Scroll for the tongue out, backside up, pose down!



"Damn shawty you gotta dump-truck," is one fan's reaction to the sexy bike ride. And as we said, a few couldn't help but warn, "Girl your gonna cause a car crash one of these days 😂."

So what is the first thing you have to do after returning from the beach? Shower the sand off of course, and Sommer already has that one covered! The IG star blew away her 25 Million followers earlier this week when she shared a mind-blowing video of herself dripping wet and crawling on the floor of a shower. As we said, she knows EXACTLY what she is doing!

Check This Out!

Sommer Ray Crawls On All Fours Dripping Wet In Shower!


Sommer Ray's shocking shower scene comes on the heels of her celebrating her 24th birthday at a Hollywood hotspot, where she shoveled a giant chocolate sundae into her mouth to celebrate! Don't worry she isn't counting calories. As always a few guys took their shot in the comments and posted things like this:

"I am genuinely obsessed with you. I hope someday to spend the rest of my life with you and smile with you. I'm not like the other guys who mistreat women. I respect women, especially women as powerful as yourself."

Ya, join the club...

For Now, It's shower time!

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