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Kate Beckinsale Is FIRE While Pantless 'Receiving' The World News

By Mike Walters

Kate Beckinsale is so upset by the current state of the world news, she decided to get her updates by someone else's grandma, and with no pants on!

The 'Underworld' film series star shared the smoking hot photo on Instagram, where she is letting everyone in on how she prepares herself to hear the days news, and it is outstanding! "Me choosing to receive world news via the filter of someone else’s grandma because it’s a bit f--king much otherwise Thank you for your service," she captioned the eye-popping picture.

You Gotta See This!

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Kate Beckinsale Prefers To Hear The Latest News...With No Pants On!


In the sexy snap, Kate appears to be inside her Los Angeles home and she is watching a video or face-timing with someone on her laptop. As she said, the actress would rather hear the days updates from this crew instead of the real news.

As you can see, she is pantless in the picture and wearing a tight little white T-shirt. Of course, Beckinsale's fans couldn't get enough of the stunning actress and lit up her IG to let her know it!

"You are probably the most beautiful woman on earth," a fan posted.

Kate Beckinsale lit Instagram on fire with bikini pics, see below!

'Underworld' Actress Lights Up Instagram In Stunning Bikini Shots!


Earlier this week, the 47-year-old A-lister made huge headlines after she dropped a smoking hot set of bikini photos where she was walking her cats in the backyard in high heels. The pictures are mind-blowing and shows just why she is dubbed 'Benjamin Button' for her age-defying beauty and body!

In the shots, Kate is seen strutting her stuff alongside friend Rob Scheppy, who is bobbing in the pool next to her wearing his own skimpy outfit!

That's not all, the 'Underworld' star shared a second round of bikini photos that were hotter than the first one! See Below!

Same Day. Different Hot Bikini.


"If you need someone to come and read the papers to you I would be more than happy too," one fan wrote.

When you are a stunning A-list actress this comes with the territory, but a few just took their shots in the comments including this guy, "It must be a law against such pretty woman like you. Cause no man can resist such a phenomenon of beauty 😂😀😂😀😂😀." True, but not going to work!

Bottom line, Kate continues to leave her over 4 Million followers breathless while dropping the hottest pictures on the internet!

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