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Billie Eilish's Brother Finneas Pens 20th Birthday Message To Singer

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By TheBlast Staff on December 19, 2021 at 12:55 AM EST

December 18th is Billie Eilish's 20th birthday, as the world celebrates one of the biggest stars in the music industry. Billie has reached so many massive milestones in her young career, ever since 2019.

Various celebrities have been wishing Billie a happy 20th, all over social media. This now includes her brother, Finneas.

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Finneas at the 2021 VMAs.
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Finneas Shouts Out Billie On Instagram

Finneas took to his Instagram feed to wish Billie a happy birthday, in front of his 3.3 million followers. Finneas explained how happy he's been to see his sister grow over the years, as well as loving the fact that he's her brother.

"20!!!!!!!!! Watching you grow and become the thoughtful, incredibly kind, talented, hilarious and hardworking person that you are today has been the joy of my life! I’ll be your #1 fan till the day that I die. There is truly nothing I love more than being your big brother. Happy birthday!!!" 

The photos that Finneas included of Billie displayed her in a green sweatshirt, where she's flashing a huge smile. He also uploaded a hilarious interaction between Billie and their mother.

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Finneas Defended False Report Of Billie In The Summer

Finneas is always very vocal about supporting Billie on social media. One of these most notable moments of the year, was back in July. A Billie fan page on Twitter, had posted a false report about her. This account was initially named "Billie Eilish Updates."

This account posted an article about Billie, where it claimed that she wanted to be "poor." This was due to wanting to relate to a lot of her fans.

“In a new interview, Billie, 19, stated that she cried when she got rich and ‘wanted to be poor so I can relate to most of my fans.'”

Finneas went on to reply to the article, on his own Twitter feed. He claimed that he has no issues with jokes, but wants parody sites to make it known that is what they're doing.

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"Fake obviously. Honestly I just wish they’d label this account satire like the onion or something. I have no problem with a joke as long as people know it’s a joke.”

Billie Has Reported Nike Collaboration On The Way

This fall, Billie has also been dominating, in the fashion world. She's had her own custom Air Jordan 1 and 15 sneakers, that were available for purchase. Fans had these sneakers selling out in a hurry, as they were also made from vegan and recycled materials.

"I am SO excited to finally share my two air jordan silhouettes with you!! i’ve always loved @jumpman23 ? and it was such an incredible and surreal experience getting to create these, especially in a sustainable fashion (100% vegan with over 20% recycled material).

This week, images also surfaced of a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers that Billie is reportedly working on. This design features a beige color, as well as velcro straps on top of the sneakers. An exact release date has yet to be confirmed by Billie or Nike, though.

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