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Bella Thorne poses smiling in a car

Bella Thorne Powders Nose In Undies, 'Knows' You Like Watching

By Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne "knows you like watching" – unsurprising from the star who made global headlines by joining OnlyFans this summer and earning a record-breaking $1 million in 24 hours from it. The 22-year-old actress, singer, and "Life of a Wannabe Mogul" author has been busy promoting her presence on the adult subscription website this weekend.

Bella may have faced immense backlash as a scandal ensued from her OnlyFans signup, but the former Disney star isn't quitting. She also crashed the site just by joining. Check out the latest below.

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Joins OnlyFans, $1 Million In 24 Hours

Bella Thorne poses in a bikini for a selfie indoors

Scroll for the latest photo shared to Bella's Instagram today. The "Midnight Sun" actress, never off-the-clock, had posted in a boudoir vibe and reminding her followers that a little makeup is still a part of her largely natural beauty vibe.

Bella, whose IG has seen her dripping in Chanel this weekend as she eyes up her 23rd birthday, had posed by a circular mirror and while applying cheek blush. The redhead, wearing only skimpy blue undies and a white crop top, ensured she was flashing some flesh.

OnlyFans Scandal Explodes

Bella Thorne poses applying makeup in undies

Bella didn't just front media outlets for her OnlyFans join. The star promising nudes and charging $200 for non-nude images left fans disgruntled, but it was the pay and livelihood of some 750,000 content creators on OnlyFans that sparked anger.

OnlyFans, bringing in a $100 tipping limit after Bella's join, now sees its creators claiming Bella ruined their earnings. Bella then made headlines for both defending her presence on the site, and for later apologizing to sex workers. Scroll for what she had to say.

Wanted To 'Normalize' Sex

Bella Thorne poses smiling and in shorts on a bed

Bella, who joins celebrities including "Press" rapper Cardi B and model Blac Chyna on OnlyFans, issued her defense via Twitter, claiming she wanted to normalize sex.

"Remove the stigma behind sex, sex work, and the negativity that surrounds the word SEX itself by bringing a mainstream face to it that’s what I was trying to do, to help bring more faces to the site to create more revenue for content creators on the site," the Forbidden Flowers founder wrote. There was an apology, though.

Issues Apology To Sex Workers

Bella Thorne poses in a blue top and jeans

Bella then stated:

"I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more likely of a chance to normalize the stigmas, And in trying to do this I hurt you. I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew."

The actress, who claims all her "recent projects have broken the internet or been NUMBER ONE!" in her IG bio does, however, appear to have nailed her intro.

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