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Kate Beckinsale poses for a selfie in abandeau top

Kate Beckinsale's Sheer Swimsuit Requires 'Logistics' Explanation

By Rebecca Cukier

"Explain, please, the logistics of your bathing suit. Just asking for a friend" – Kate Beckinsale's sheer bathing suit has been racking up comments. The47-year-old actress, already in the news this weekend for walking her cats in a bikini and high heels, dropped her second swimsuit snaps on Sunday. They did not disappoint for the "Underworld" star dubbed "Benjamin Button" for her age-defying looks and killer body.

Kate's photos on Sunday kept it poolside. Likewise humorous and featuring cats Clive and Willow. Check it out below.

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Kicking Off With Walking Cats In Bikini

Kate Beckinsale poses walking her cats in a bikini

Scroll for the latest photos. Much like yesterday's ones, they showed Kate in full bombshell mode and flaunting her insane legs while ensuring her cats got some attention. Friend Rob Scheppy, seen bobbing around the pool in a red floatie was likewise present.

The shots showed the British beauty posing poolside and in a one-shouldered, segmented, and sheer white swimsuit that took on bikini vibes. Kate's cats were on leashes, everyone was surrounded by leafy green trees, and Kate's 4.4 million followers got a witty caption.

Caption Isn't Talking Swimwear

Kate Beckinsale walking her cats poolside and in a bikini

Kate, known for her off-beat Instagram content, opened writing: "According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), there is one posture that is considered to be the “classical point” posture."

Kate, then talking animal posture and dog muzzles, added:

"If you look very, very closely, you may even see the dog’s nostrils flaring out slightly. This is classical canine pointing in a nutshell.” However Clive is a cat and the prey is undeniably @robscheppy’s quite snug budgie smuggler."

Asking fans to look more closely appears to have offered Kate with a fresh can of worms to deal with. Her swimsuit.

See-Through Swimsuit Getting Comments


Kate's fans have been busy. "Most amazing swimsuit ever .. hands down 👌👌👌👌," one fan wrote. Others, however, had questions for what were ultimately pretty risky fabrics.

"Explain, please, the logistics of your bathing suit. Just asking for a friend" was the comment launching a debate. Kate, regularly trolled and known for her clap-backs as she dates 23-year-old musician Goody Grace, was quickly backed.

"Why on earth does she owe you an explanation?" one fan replied, with the remarks quickly spiraling. Scroll for more, plus the whale bath photo.

Fans Jump In

Kate Beckinsale poses in a bathtub

Kate, who had not replied as the post hit one hour old – but may well – also saw fans interpreting the question.

"He was just jokingly asking how that bathing suit stays up given that it’s not the usual design and it just looks like it spirals around without any pins. He never said explain why you’re wearing that," one fan stated.

Kate, who has shut down trolls this summer over both her boyfriend and her whale bath fun, has been in the news for more serious reasons, though. The mom of one last week revealed she'd had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, calling it "soul-destroying."

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