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Nastia Liukin taking a selfie

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Has No Words While Flaunting Underboob

Nastia Liukin / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin is familiar with wearing revealing leotards from her competition days, but she's really raising the bar with her new outfit that was just dropped on social media. The gymnastics star took to Instagram on Sunday morning to light up everyone's feed with a provocative new shot and made it clear she was ready to engage in Sunday Funday. Liukin's return to revealing shots follows the end of vacation in Montana where she delighted fans with a weeks worth of content from the great outdoors.

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No Caption Needed

Nastia Liukin in green outfit
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

The 30-year-old star wasn't messing around when she posed for a selfie on Sunday morning, and let her body do the talking while making it a point to not drop an inspiring caption.

"[Over] captions, so here you go. hi," the 5-time gold medalist wrote to fans alongside the titillating shot.

Nastia Liukin was making her over 1 million fans envious while sporting an all-green outfit of mini shorts and a top that barely contained her curves, along with a loose-fitting top that hung low on her shoulders. Covering her face with her iPhone, Liukin was serving up a whole vibe.

Fans Go Wild

Nastia Liukin in red sweater
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

Nastia Liukin's fans were delighted to discover her photo gift on Sunday morning and sounded off in the comments while showering the gymnastics star with thousands of likes.

"Good morning pretty lady," one fan commented.

"God you are gorgeous.. hi," another wrote.

A third fan pointed out that Liukin was, "Over captions but beautiful “under” pics!" while another declared her to have the "Best underboob ever."

The photo was even liked by someone close to Nastia Liukin, fellow American gymnastics gold medalist, Simone Biles.

Forever Basic

Nastia Liukin with pumpkins
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

Nastia Liukin may be a world-renowned multi-cultural athlete, but she's as relatable AF when it comes to her love of all things fall, including pumpkins. A recent photo by the gymnastics star showed her sitting atop a heat of giant pumpkins with her dog, Harley.

"weekend things. forever a dallas (and fall) girl at heart," Liukin wrote while clearly in ecstasy atop the humongous gourds.

Liukin has been back at home in Texas since returning from a week-long family vacation in Montana.

Showing Off Her Flexibility

Nastia Liukin doing front splits
Nastia Liukin / Instagram

Along with her giant pumpkins, Nastia Liukin has been keeping in shape and showing fans that she still has those world-class gymnastic skills.

Revealing one of her home workouts while in Big Sky Country, Liukin spoke about the "mental clarity" exercise provided during her competitive career.

"I’ve always used working out as a way to cope. Whether it was training competitively, or even taking 5 minutes to move through a flow, the mental clarity I gain by moving my body is incredible," Liukin wrote while showing off her vertical jump height.

She also hit an impressive front split while out on the deck of her home and fans were in awe of her amazing flexibility.

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