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Britney Spears Tropical Vacation Video Sparks Calls For A Hair Intervention

By Mike Walters

Britney Spears shared a video of a recent tropical vacation with her boyfriend, but the footage has many of her fans concerned about her current condition.

The pop princess posted a montage video of herself and Sam Asghari boarding a private jet, and taking off on vacation, to what appears to be Hawaii.

But, Britney's die-hard fans are very concerned about the way she looked before taking off, including her matted and disheveled hair. Obviously, BS has tons of money, so why doesn't she drop a few on a celebrity hair-stylist?!

See For Yourself!

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"A little trip @samasghari and I took !!!!!! I love traveling .... when it’s safe to of course🍍🏖🎀 !!!!" Britney captioned the video.

Not long after the first post, Spears shared the same video, but this time with music. If you look closely, Britney appears to have not taken time to put herself together before the trip, and many are also pointing out she is also wearing an odd yellow wrist-band in the footage.

As always, many of her fans believe it to be some sort of sign, or signal to her fans about her current situation.

"Am I the only one just dying to brush her hair?" a fan posted. "The hair tells me everything..." another added.

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'The Hair Tells Me Everything'


"She’s getting on a jet plane but her hair is all matted .. I am really concerned 😧" one person wrote.

Many of her millions of followers are making the same point, that Britney Spears is a multi-millionaire -- but continues to post photos of herself in the same outfits and without a proper weave. It just doesn't make sense.

"Britney, I love you and I send my love and blessings your way always. With all the love and care I believe you should tell your hairstylist to get you better quality hair extensions because you deserve to have your hair on point!" a fan wrote.

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See The Video For Yourself!


It should be noted, in the video, Britney and Sam seem to be having a great time on vacation. The pop princess included a montage of the couple walking the beach, shopping, and landing on the island.

"This legit seems like something pretty normal, she definitely going through it though. I just think we know what is going on so we sit and pick apart, and judge. Maybe we shouldn't..." one person said in defense of BS.

As we reported, Britney is currently battling her father and others in her conservatorship case. At this point, her legal team has asked for changes to be made including making many of the details public.

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