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Miranda Lambert poses shooting the camera a gaze

Miranda Lambert Makes Life Giving You Lemons Sexier With Knotted Shirt Window Shot

By Rebecca Cukier

Miranda Lambert went dangerously sexy and effortlessly country all at once ahead of the weekend. The 36-year-old country singer and clothing designer got slapped with a #country by her Idyllwind clothing brand as she posed for a stunning window shot in a knotted checked shirt and holding a beverage – in Miranda's books, mixing lemons into your drink is the only way to go when life throws you the citrus fruit. Miranda meant business last night – quite literally, since the photo was a promo one. Check it out below.

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Lemons? She'll Mix 'Em In Her Drink

Miranda Lambert poses by a trailer in fringe

Scroll for the photo. Miranda, reportedly planning a giant tell-all about ex and current boyfriend to Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, had posed looking gorgeous and a little dangerous – the "Bluebird" singer was near a window with drapes and showing her rock-hard arms in a monochrome check and sleeveless shirt. The blonde, also rocking a red neckerchief and white belt around hints of visible jeans, held her cocktail and delivered a mean bean sideways gaze.

"And if love keeps giving me lemons, I'll just mix 'em in my drink," a caption read, adding a #weekend and #bluebird.

Fans Are Craving Whisky Sours

Miranda Lambert poses in a knotted shirt and with a drink

Keep scrolling for more photos. Miranda's clothing brand, followed by the quarter of a million fans proving it's a giant deal, have been responding. One mentioned the singer's "Wildcard" studio album:

"You always have a wild card up your sleeve! Looking beautiful as always! ✨👸🏼💕," they wrote.

For others, though, a little craving was the result – "I think I need a whisky sour 🥃," one user wrote. Clearly, the country spirit was also whetting the appetite.

Miranda, fresh from releasing a mini-documentary on the making of her hit "Wildcard" album, has been exploring her own journeys: the Texas native admitted in the docu that she has never taken "more than three months off the road" since she was 17.

Admits Sometimes 'Too Honest'

Miranda Lambert poses on horseback in a stunning shot

Miranda, whose pre-album break proved her best one ever as she married ex NYPD cop Brendan McLoughlin and started spending time in NYC, reflected on her music. Likewise, her honesty.

"I've always been that way in my music, I've never tried to hide anything," she said.

"Sometimes I've been too honest, uncomfortably honest, but I just believe in it because that's my job. To just say 'Here's my story, hope y'all have one similar.'"

Miranda's 2020 has also been a major milestone year as the singer celebrated her first number 1 track with "Bluebird" topping charts in July. Scroll for the bikini celebration.

Celebrates #1 Hit In Bikini

Miranda Lambert poses in a bikini top and enjoying a drink

In late July, Miranda took to Instagram to mark her achievement as "Bluebird" topped charts. The star, stunning in a blue polka-dot bikini and Daisy Dukes, posed sassily and sipping a drink while under a parasol. She said that 2020 wasn't offering her much to celebrate, but that this was something worth noting – "But I am celebrating this week," she wrote, adding that "happiness and artistic freedom" were her party vibes, particularly in a time when "we all feel a little caged."

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