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Corinna Kopf

Video Game Streamer Corinna Kopf Tweaks Chest Proving She's A 'Handful'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Perhaps the only one who knows how to handle Corinna Kopf is herself!

The professional video game streamer teased her millions of fans with a grabby pic on Saturday. The buxom blonde gave herself a little hands-on experience when she was filming a project with some fellow pro gamers. The star wore a tiny black top and flexed on her fans with a diamond-encrusted watch. We would say that she needs to get ahold of herself but she clearly already has!

She's A 'Handful'

Corinna Kopf wearing a black top.

Corinna's favorite thing to do besides gaming is teasing her fans and she's has developed an affinity for driving them wild.

"i’m a handful 😈," she jokingly captioned the picture of herself feeling herself.

BTW, she's allegedly a 32B... the B stands for big enough.

Her post instantly lit up with funny/crude comments from the millions of sycophants that follower her.

"Let your hands rest, use mine," YouTuber Brennen Taylor wrote.

"Do you need help holding that?" a curious fan asked while another wrote, "WOW THIS IS A STRONG MESSAGE 🍇."

"I wish I was them hands 🥰 😍," a strange follower commented.

Fast Cars, Fast Women

Corinna Kopf in leather pants.

Pro gamers have a lot in common with pro athletes... as soon as they make it big, they get a fancy ride that goes super fast! Corinna celebrated her first big purchase by sharing some sultry pics of herself posing in her red hot Ferrari.

"SHE’S MINE!! ❤️" Kopf declared. "on a serious note... i can’t say thank you enough. truly. whether you’ve been around for a day or a year or since the beginning, it really means the world to me. thank you for your continuous support whether it’s here, facebookgaming or youtube (which i gave up on long ago lol sorry) thank you for showing me nothing but love. i am forever grateful for you all. ily forever. it doesn’t feel real."

"who wants a ride? ;)" she captioned her front seat snap.

No Simp September Is Finally Over

Corinna Kopf posing on her white bed.

Her millions of fans are thankful that it's finally October because Corinna made her sappiest followers work overtime last month. She declared that "no simp september doesn’t exist here" in the caption of one of her amazing model shots and encouraged her fans to shower her with extra praise and admiration for the whole month.

For those unfamiliar with what "simp" means, we will break it down like this: Simp is internet slang for someone who acts submissive in order to gain favor with someone else (typically a male tries to gain attention from a female). "To simp" would mean that one is putting someone on a pedestal and lowering oneself with selfless, sometimes embarrassing acts. Like declaring your love in the comments section of an Instagram post.

It's All About The Eyes

Corinna Kopf in a red bikini.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul but it seems like Corinna uses her beautiful blue eyes to stare into our souls. Many of her most captivating pics feature those inviting eyes... the bikinis help too.

Is the sultry gamer single? Is she in love with David Dobrik? It's not exactly clear... but she likes it that way! Either way, keep the beautiful pictures coming, Corinna!

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