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Demi Rose

Demi Rose Flaunts Her Fendi Floatation Devices In Long Sleeve Cute Suit

By Jeff Mazzeo

Caution, you may get wet... and in Demi Rose's case, you may look extremely fashionable while doing it!

The stunning model decided to take a little dip in a sweet pool that she had all to herself on Friday. Demi barely squeezed into a very lowcut long-sleeved, one-piece swimsuit by Fendi as she snapped a few timer selfies. The hot model appeared to be a very good swimmer and her ample assets made her very buoyant. Believe us when we tell you that buoyancy is super in right now!

Look Into My Eyes


Demi knew that her millions of fans would be staring at her huge... eyes, so she brought them up first in the caption of her post.

"Depth in her eyes ✨," she wrote alongside a collection of wading pics and one sultry boomerang.

The Demi sycophants were thrilled with her fashionable photos and sounded off how they watched her boomerang for like two minutes straight.

"Absolutely extremely stunning and gorgeous💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥," one stunned fan commented while another said, "The most beautiful queen deserves to be worshiped❤️❤️❤️."

One-Piece Vibe

Demi Rose in a one-piece swimsuit.

The young star has recently been doing her part to make the world forget about those boring bikinis and realize that it's time to revisit the classic one-piece swimsuit... but make it fashion! Earlier this week, she shared a sample of how sultry a swimsuit side view could be. The cream-colored suit by Fashion Nova completely covered her top but left little to the imagination downstairs.

"Some vitamin me ✨," Rose captioned her super hot swimsuit pics.

Turns out, her sultry pics were just what the doctor ordered!

Sleeves Please!

Demi Rose in a blue dress.

Sometimes a good model can make you question what is fashionable by how well they can body an outfit. Demi is that model who is changing our minds about long sleeves. In the past, longer sleeves meant less skin, therefore less appealing to some but the fashionable influencer has finally wielded her influence over us. Long sleeves, please!

Whether it's a long-sleeved dress or a sultry swimsuit, she does covered up a little differently and we give her full credit for the abundance of long-sleeved outfits.

"😍😍😍 Muse every day 💖💖," a fan wrote on social media. "YOU ARE NEXT LEVEL."

That's why dozens of brands and clothing lines pay her the big bucks!


Demi Rose dressed as a goddess.

If you follow the star closely (and we do), you know that she is very spiritual and she loves to blend reality with her fantasies. Rose showed off her demi-goddess goodies with a heavenly no shirt snap last week.

"Channelling my inner Demi-Goddess 🧡," she wrote alongside the glowing pics.

She's really into Ancient Egyptian culture right now and was thrilled to finally incorporate her snake headband into an outfit. Well done, she's a real charmer... get it? Sorry, that was the best snake joke we could think of.

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