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Chanel West Coast Claps Back At Hater In Thirsty Shots

By Whitney Vasquez

Don't come for Chanel West Coast because the rapper always has a comeback, something one fan quickly found out. The 32-year-old "Ridiculousness" star took thirsty to a whole new level when she dropped a series of shots drinking water on a 100-degree day in Los Angeles.

Taking to her social media on Wednesday, September 30, the influencer delighted her followers when she sported a striped dress and heels while turning the balcony into her runway on a break during filming the show.

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Quenching Her Thirst

Look back at it

Posting three separate shots, Chanel West Coast looked like a walking goddess while holding onto her plastic bottle of Kirkland brand Costco water. In one photo, the star was seen with her long hair straight while strutting her stuff and quenching her thirst. Wearing the plunging neckline like it was nobody's business, the rapper stopped to take a serious shot and looked fire.

Posing over her shoulder and showing off her long locks, she struck a fierce pose but not everyone was impressed.

Kirkland H20

Rocking Costco brand

After posting her third, and final, snap from her water photoshoot, Chanel West Coast was seen laughing and not taking herself seriously while using the bottle as a prop. "Remember to smile & drink your water today 😁💧💖," she captioned the thirsty shots.

While several fans applauded the star for the hydrating advice and the DGAF attitude, one person put in their two-cents about the type of water she was drinking and Chanel West Coast clapped back with an epic response.

Hater Takes Issue

Soaking up the sun

When one hater gave her the unsolicited advice by telling her, "Got to drink Alkaline water tho," it started a firestorm in the comment section. Her followers immediately had her back, defending Chanel West Coast over her drink of choice but she didn't need them because she had an explanation of her own.

Replying back to the troll, the rapper pointed the finger at "Ridiculousness" production. "I do at home they got us drinking the cheap Kirkland on set tho lollll," she commented.

Chanel Speaks Up

Bikini babe

Chanel's comment caused the hater to clown her "Ridiculousness" co-star Rob Dyrdek. "lmaoo they need to change it up! Tell Rob to fix that ! Lmao," they followed up. When it comes to water, everyone in Chanel West Coast's comments had something to say.

"@chanelwestcoast no, alkaline water is not good.. drink water with a high ph balance," one person wrote. "Kirkland got that lowkey 🔥 all the stuff they make is better than the competition," added another. Then, of course, the classic, "water is water boo."

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