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Jeffree Star Accuses Ex-BF Andre Marhold Of Stealing Bags From His Home

By Ryan Naumann

Jeffree Star’s relationship with Andre Marhold went down in flames this week with public accusations of theft.

The internet personality posted a lengthy video on Instagram addressing the situation to his fans. Jeffree said, “Bitch, we gonna have a motherfucking chat, honey.”

Jeffree said, “sometimes when you meet people, surprise, they aren’t who they say they are. Y’all real quickly, Jeffree Lynn got a little played. So, I was hanging out with someone, just two grown adults having sex and chilling, nothing serious.”

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He added, “But I was presented a whole different person than who this man really was. That is fine. Y’all know out there, y’all have dated or hung out with some shady ass people. And yes, bitch, it happened to me.”

Jeffree explained, “So about a week ago. Jeffree Lynn discovered a lot of things. This person secretly had no job, no money, not even a bank account, and this person is like 30 years plus. All these things I was told were false. And I was lied to. And I was like “okay, bye sweetie.”


He said he noticed a bunch of things were missing including expensive bags and sunglasses. Jeffree said he didn’t get robbed but accuses Andre of stealing it. He said it was more the principle that upset him.

Jeffree said, “It’s not about what it is. It’s about the principle. It’s just sad. Instead of answering the phone this person was posting like they was still at my house. This shit was so weird. I just wanted my stuff back. I’m sure I’m never going to get it. I know I can go buy it tomorrow. I’m not about being around weird energy.”


He ended, “And if you’re not doing anything with your life, I can’t be around that. I’m a boss ass bitch.”

As The Blast previously reported, earlier this year, Jeffree went public with Andre and caused quite a stir. Many accused him of paying Andre to be his boyfriend.

Andre’s baby mama Leezy spoke out accusing the professional basketball player of leaving their kid to be with Jeffree. She claimed Andre told her he was leaving to LA for work. She was shocked to find out his real reason for leaving was to be with Jeffree.


Leezy spoke about the situation on her social media. She wrote, ‘I seen the signs. I ignored them. I put my life on the line for you and your career. I held you down and you know I stepped out of my comfort zone in every way possible. I did things for you that I didn’t even feel comfortable doing but this is what I get. I ignored the fucking signs! Just one call to explain all of this would be great that’s all I ask.”

She ended, “payer can’t get me thru this. I need you. the petty arguments drove you away. I always feared this day would come but not while our son was still in diapers, I will not let you down if you come home. Just be here when we wake up. Please! I can’t sleep without you please baby. I am literally going crazy.”

Since the split, Andre has been on social media asking his followers to buy promo on his Instagram story.

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