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Kim Kardashian Disagrees With Daughter North West's Pet Choice

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By Carol Cassada

At every point in a child's life, they ask their parents for a pet.

Kim Kardashian's seven-year-old daughter North is at the age where she's ready to take on the responsibility of having a pet.

On an upcoming episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim discusses the situation with her sister Khloe.

With a net worth of a billion dollars, Kim can buy her daughter whatever her heart desires. However, she may put her foot down when she learns what type of animal North wants.

Spider Loving North

Kim Kardashian - Instagram

Most girls want a cat, dog, or a pony for their first pet. However, North doesn't show any interest in those animals.

Instead, the girl has formed a fascination with spiders.

As Kim explains to Khloe, North is so in love with spiders that she's decided she wants a tarantula

North is so adamant about wanting a tarantula that she takes her mother to a pet store to convince her to buy one.

Yet, Kim has other ideas when it comes time for the pet store visit.

Talking Her Daughter Out Of It


While North is hoping to bring home a pet tarantula following their visit to the store, Kim has other ideas.

Wanting to dissuade her daughter's decision, Kim resorts to underhanded tactics to get her way.

In a preview from "KUWTK," Kim reveals to Khloe that she tried to bribe the store owner. Kim offered to pay the owner money in exchange for telling North that tarantulas were dangerous.

But Kim's plan backfired when the store owner refused the money and encouraged North that tarantulas make great pets.

Kim's Fears


Kim may have gone overboard in trying to foil North's plan to have a pet tarantula. But there's a reason for Kim's behavior.

As Kim explained, she hates spiders and has a huge fear of them. When the topic of a pet tarantula was brought up, it increased Kim's anxiety.

While Kim continues to be dead set against her daughter bringing a spider into the home, Khloe sees it differently.

Khloe tells Kim there's nothing wrong with North's love of spiders, and she should be more open to the idea of having them as a pet.

Will Kim Overcome Her Fears?

Kim Kardashian - Instagram

Kim's fears are keeping North from having a pet tarantula. However, Khloe decides to help with the situation.

The only way for North to get her pet is for Kim to overcome her fear of spiders. With Khloe acting as Kim's therapist, there's no telling what she'll have in store for her sister.

But as "KUWTK" fans know, there's bound to be some hijinks as Kim looks to conquer her anxieties.

So will mama Kim let go of her fears and finally let North have the pet of her dreams?

Viewers will find out tonight when the pet debate hits the Kardashian house.


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