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Carmen Electra looking into the camera

Carmen Electra Puts Her Slots On Display for New Casino Game

Carmen Electra / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Carmen Electra doesn't let just anyone pull her levers, but now she's giving fans a chance to score the jackpot ... which includes a coveted meet and greet with the famed actress. Electra took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon and promoted a new online casino game that created a signature slot machine in honor of the former "Baywatch" actress. Carmen Electra has been teasing the upcoming game for a few days and is excited to finally reveal the slots for all her fans.

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Step Right Up!

Carmen Electra's slot machine app
Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra took her 1.2 million fans for a spin on Wednesday afternoon when she finally debuted her new game with Celebrity Slots, cleverly named "Electric Slots."

"I am very excited to announce that my brand new game is now available to download and PLAY FOR FREE on Celebrity Slots. Everyone who plays has a chance to win a $500 GIFT CARD and a VIRTUAL MEET-AND-GREET with yours truly!" the star wrote alongside a promo shot of the slot machine.

"[Go] download my game today and have fun!" Electra added.

Fans Give It a Spin

Carmen Electra's slot machine app
Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra's were excited for the launch of her new digital slot machine and immediately headed to the app store for a chance to win a meeting with their favorite star.

"Yeah! That’s so awesome CARMEN! 💜 Not many people in this pandemic world 🌎 have a SLOT MACHINE named after them - CONGRATS!!!!" one fan commented.

"Is the virtual meet-and-greet a video call with you? I'd be unable to speak if I had a video call with you cos you're just too gorgeous," another potential jackpot winner admitted.

Back In The Day

Carmen Electra / Instagram

The partnership with Celebrity Slots comes on the heels of Carmen Electra dropping a new photospread after landing a magazine cover in 2020.

Electra showed her savage side in Runway Magazine when she appeared in a silky animal print suit that was revealing in all the right ways. The 48-year-old stunner was seen gently unbuttoning her fancy jacket to reveal her voluptuous curves in a delicate corset underneath.

Set against a backdrop that appeared to be dark reptilian skin, the star was clearly feeling the look.

"Runway Magazine 2020," Electra touted the titillating shot.

Once You Go Black...

Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra has been reminiscing about many of her crazy places her career has taken her over the past decades and has been especially nostalgic with tapping into her old "Baywatch" days. The other week, the star of the famed lifeguard series dished about the steamy shower scenes that her co-stars, like Pamela Anderson and Dave Hasselhoff, famously took on the show.

Electra also recently revealed her outfit of choice for saving lives in Malibu and is taking a stand against the traditional red lifeguard swimsuits.

"I liked the black one piece #Baywatch suit much better 🖤" she wrote on Instagram.

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