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Iggy Azalea Goes From Drab To Fab As Drag Queen!

By Whitney Vasquez

Iggy Azalea is continuing to transform right before our very eyes! This time, she's going full drag and we are HERE FOR IT. The 30-year-old stunner delighted her followers when she took to her social media to showcase herself going from drab to FAB and turning herself into Trixie Mattel's twin. FYI -- Trixie Mattel is known for her flair and the excitement she brings to the screen, most notably for her role in "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars."

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Her First Time:

Doing her own makeup

Iggy Azalea went all in for the jaw-dropping transformation, taking to her favorite social media outlet, TikTok, to post the big reveal. Dropping the golden nugget on Monday, September 28, the "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper showed herself doing her own makeup.

Wearing her long locks up on the top of her head in a giant '50s housewife-inspired bun, Iggy Azalea sported an "I Feel Rich" tee and oversized red money sign earrings.

Scroll to see Iggy turn into a fab drag queen!

Twinning With Trixie!

Showing the progress

Taking her fans step by step through the process, the "Fancy" rapper's video jumped to show her eyes covered in white and black eyeshadow. She then moves to the cheeks, which are contoured beyond belief to accentuate her cheekbones. Finishing her makeup with a pale pink lip color, Iggy Azalea unleashed her inner drag queen in the blink of an eye.

Changing from her "I Feel Rich" tee to a shirt repping Baby Spice from the Spice Girls, Iggy Azalea shocked fans with the stunning transformation!

Keep scrolling for final look!

The Final Look!

Iggy or Trixie?

Changing out her money sign earrings to pink, sparkling cowboy boots, the rapper fully committed to her look while mouthing the voice-over that stated, "I love when I get dressed up and people are like, 'Woah! Where are you going? What's the special occasion?' The occasion is I exist, it's an ongoing thing and I think that's pretty special."

"Twining! @trixiemattel," Iggy Azalea captioned the drag video. Trixie Mattel reposted the clip onto her Twitter and revealed they were together when it happened.

There's MORE Drag To Come!

Iggy and Trixie

Basically telling fans that they did it out of boredom, Trixie wrote, "How we spent our Sunday lol." Iggy Azalea's followers where here for the look and immediately flooded her post with comments.

"The ultimate ruveal oh shantay u stay!" one person wrote. "Iggy is my spirit animal there I said it," added another. "This is why I love Iggy like she has it ALL," posted a third. "Ya'll literally look identical," shared someone else. Trixie appeared in Iggy's 2019 "Started" music video.

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