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Wendy Williams' BFF Says NeNe Leakes Cheated On Husband With French Montana

By Ryan Naumann

Wendy Williams’ close friend Madina Milana is taking on NeNe Leakes after the reality star trashed the talk show host.

Madina posted a video speaking directly to NeNe. In the clip, she tells the “RHOA” star to back off Wendy and speak the truth.

She started, “Ok NeNe, we gonna stop with these lies. We gonna stop with these games. Why don’t you start telling the truth. You snuck your way back into Wendy’s life. You tricked me. Y’all asked me to have a sit down, ask her to come to dinner. Which I did. Your thirsty ass flew on the plane the next day. She was like “damn.” She wasn’t even going to go.”

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Madina continued, “I was like “she jumped on a flight.” She was like “she jumped on a flight?” Thirsty ass. She come to the dinner. Why? So you can be mean and evil and try and come back into her life. And use her and lie on her.”

She added, “Why don’t you start telling the truth. Talking about you’re an icon. You’re a whole bug. She won’t even respond to you. I can’t believe you have the nerve to say that.”


Madina said, “Why don’t you talk about the part where when we was in the truck, you was letting French touch all up on your snatch. That’s right. You was all up under French Montana. A whole married woman, NeNe. What I’m gonna tell you is this. You better fall all the way back and keep everyone’s name out your mouth. If you keep coming for people that’s what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be more stuff aired out, more receipts shown. And I don’t think you want that smoke boo. So fall back.”


As The Blast previously reported, NeNe tore into Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen after they chat on “Watch What Happens Live.”

During the show, Wendy spoke negatively about NeNe deciding to leave “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She said it was a bad decision and NeNe was losing a big platform to hawk her projects.

NeNe wrote, “Both are f their ratings are LOW! Bye QUEENS. She on cocaine so they should stop using her to talk! They both need my help with their poor ratings. Keep trying me sir and imma let the world know who you really are.”


She continued, “I will ALWAYS eat and eat good! Believe that. I have ALWAYS believed in multiple streams of income so the leakes are good you ole cocaine head and you ole racist. No one knew you until YOU knew me. Remember I’m ICON. Don’t forget.”

NeNe added, “They ALWAYS manipulating black women to say negative things about each other while they sit and enjoy us tearing each other down! Remember #BLM Remember #breonnataylor REMEMBER the most racist networks. They gone leave my name outta these shows. Send me your best discrimination attorneys info to ITS WAR.”

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