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Nastia Liukin poses for a photo in a red top

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Bends Into Yoga Splits While Checking Laptop

By Rebecca Cukier

Nastia Liukin stretching her Olympic gymnast body into the perfect split today almost proved too much for her followers. The 30-year-old former athlete and 2008 all-around champion updated her Instagram on Tuesday with two very athletic photos – while one saw the Moscow-born star mid-air, the other showed her in a yoga downward dog that was a straight-up split. Nastia, recently in the news for clapping back at fans as she enjoyed the Montana wilderness, was back outdoors. Check it out below.

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First Shot Is Just The Warm-Up

Nastia Liukin jumping in the air on a balcony

Keep scrolling for the splits. Nastia's opening shot, shared with her 1 million followers, showed her out on a wooden deck and backed by nature. The blonde was high above the wooden decking as she jumped up, with a skintight pair of leggings and matching black sports bra showing off her enviable frame – fans have already seen this girl's thigh gap this month.

Nastia, wearing her hair in a bun and appearing focused, then got way more flexible in the second shot as she stretched one leg out behind her – while checking her laptop.

Dishing On Her Workout Secret

Nastia Liukin stretching into the splits outdoors

Nastia, who is an influencer on her Instagram and recently wowed fans by extending both legs in a bubble bath while promoting skincare brand Olay, shouted out a different industry today – the fitness one.

"I’ve always used working out as a way to cope. Whether it was training competitively, or even taking 5 minutes to move through a flow, the mental clarity I gain by moving my body is incredible," Liukin began, before shouting out the Bright Fitness app. Keep scrolling for more photos.

Paid Post – What's She Earning?

Nastia Liukin hiking in shorts with her dog

Nastia, who joins celebrities including Serena Williams in quarantine Zoom workouts, added that "world-class trainers" are available to her thanks to the video-streaming technology. The star also abided by Instagram's required #ad as she confirmed her post to be a paid one. Pay on Instagram directly correlates with following, something that experts at Vox have offered suggested figures for.

"Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post"

Stuns Fans With Bathtub Photo

Nastia Liukin poses stretching in a bath

Nastia's followers might not have seen her competing since she retired from professional gymnastics in 2012 and aged just 22, but they've been getting plenty of stretch action. Alongside Liukin bringing "back bubble baths in 2020" with both legs extended in front of her, the former gymnast's fans have seen her back-flipping across her kitchen counters this summer – that was to get everyone to wear a mask.

Replies today sent Nastia the thumbs-up. "That vertical jump, though!!" one fan replied, with another saying: "Get that work!"

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