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Britney Spears Has Been Dancing ‘3 Hours A Day,' Fans React

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By Kristin Myers on December 17, 2021 at 7:10 PM EST

Singer Britney Spears posted another dancing video!

Britney has been doing a fair amount of social media posting lately, from saying that she’ll never tour again to talking about being free of her 13-year conservatorship.

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Britney Has Been Dancing… ‘Sometimes 3 Hours A Day!’

Britney revealed that “the last dance I posted was from months ago … this post is from a day before yesterday !!!!” She later added, “here’s me dancing this Wednesday at 2:45 in the afternoon !!!! I know cause I checked the time on my phone !!!!!”

Britney has apparently been doing a lot of exercising, as she mentioned that “I’m way smaller since this summer …. As you can see … I dance a lot now … sometimes 3 hours a day and I do Zumba classes too !!!”

In an earlier post, Britney lamented the way that unflattering pap snaps made her look. Just before she went away for her 40th birthday party, Britney said that “I’ve been working out and it’s real.”

She added that “as you can see I’m not 800 pounds like the paps have me in pics.”

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‘Nice To Be Here and Even Nicer To Be Alive Folks’

Britney added that “I’m getting older and I realized a lot of it is mental and I’ve been working at it a lot more and it’s actually working !!!!”

It’s not clear if she’s talking about working up the motivation to exercise or dancing in general, but she mentioned that “I’m actually way smaller now.”

Britney then shifted gears a bit to talk about coffee. After saying that she wasn’t able to have coffee in two years, but after she finally had her first cup, she noticed a “glow” from the caffeine.

“Right when I put my makeup on … nope it wasn’t the foundation … it wasn’t the mascara … it wasn’t the two extra hours of sleep … it wasn’t the blush … the glow on my beautiful face and widening of my eyes just a bit more … well it was the coffee !!!!!”

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She’s not wearing any makeup in the video, as she wrote, “Pssss I have no makeup on here so no judgement !!!!”

She added, “Nice to be here and even nicer to be alive folks …” before she mentioned that “It was ice cold outside and I could have curled up on the couch but no … I chose to twirl and live !!!!! What are you doing around your tree this year, folks ????”

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Fans React: ‘Brit, We Don’t Care About Weight In 2021’

There was a wide array of reactions to her post. Some didn’t even notice any weight difference between the two videos, with one user writing, “Her videos still look the same it just me?”

“Brit, we don’t care about weight in 2021,” another user commented.

“Yes love……manifest whatever you want by dancing to your favorite music!!!!!” another wrote. “That’s what’s up!!!!!”

Other users couldn’t help but search the background for clues on the mysterious “new addition” to the family that Britney hinted at earlier this week.

“Welp that bottle-fed animal must have been a kitty,” said one fan. “I see a cat tower.”

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