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Max Ehrich wearing ball cap

Max Ehrich DELETES 'Jeffrey Epstein' Posts On Instagram (Here's The Deleted Shot)

Instagram @Max Ehrich
By Jacob Highley

Max Ehrich has been incredibly popular in the headlines lately. After the 29-year-old “Under The Dome” actor reportedly split from his long-time girlfriend and now ex-fiance pop star Demi Lovato, the tabloids exploded with interest and dismay.

One had only to look back not even a full month and it was easy to see how madly in love the two of them were with each other.

Now Demi has deleted her posts expressing how much she loved Ehrich and allegedly has publicly renounced any former affection for him.

'Jeffrey Epstein Me'

Max Ehrich's deleted post about Jeffrey Epstein
Instagram @Max Ehrich

Max just posted several images and claims about the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, but not an hour later deleted all of them! Thankfully, they were preserved as screenshots and are included in this post. (Though several of them were removed completely before a copy could be made)

One post says that he defines trying to “Jeffrey Epstein” someone as silencing someone for “exposing the truth”, clearly referring to some of his old posts that caused so much controversy and backlash from Demi’s fan base on social media.

'End Human Trafficking'

Max Ehrich 'Human Traffickin' post
Instagram @Max Ehrich

Unfortunately, Ehrich no longer allows comments on any of his posts ever since the aforementioned criticisms started to escalate on Instagram, but it isn’t hard to see why he would delete the posts about Epstein and his associates even without an initial response from viewers.

Besides the fact that the activity was controversial, this latest move to discuss convicted sex-offenders and to paint the subject in such a light really doesn’t do Max any favors. Currently, he is riding the publicity of his recent breakup, but he isn’t looked upon in a positive light right now.

'Bible Study'

Max Ehrich doing Bible Study
Instagram @Max Ehrich

And then, wouldn’t you know it, Max replaces all of his extremely provocative posts with a picture of him doing Bible study, and only keeping one picture containing a plea for people to stop child human trafficking.

Keep in mind that the slide pictured above clearly shows that Max was not posting originally to stop child-trafficking, and instead seemed to be on some kind of “whistleblower” streak posting pictures and videos that were seemingly without context. And this is not even the latest oddity on Max’s social media.

The Tabloids

Max Ehrich selfie
Instagram @Max Ehrich

Yesterday Max posted a video of himself getting baptized (in real life, not fiction) and working on the latest church/gospel movie project. Many have already condemned Ehrich for his political views on social media, with some outlets/sources say was a major factor in why he and Demi broke up, so seeing him suddenly having this religious experience is quite odd for most readers.

To elaborate, Ehrich said that he only found out about his breakup with Demi via the tabloids, and posted a story on his Instagram complaining about how the news was circulating about their breakup. This, according to several sources, absolutely infuriated Demi, who now wants nothing to do with him.

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