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Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons Shares Her 'Built Not Bought' Bikini Bod After Announcing Rebuild

By Jeff Mazzeo

Angela Simmons is always ready to put in work to get what she wants and now she wants to go all out in the gym!

[The "Growing Up Hip Hop" star shared some fantastic bikini pics on Tuesday and announced that she will be releasing her new fitness plan soon. Simmons posed on her beachy balcony in a cute suit that featured suns, flowers, and other cool designs. She let her long dark hair flow feeling in the breeze as she pulled off the perfect stare off into space IG pose.

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'Built Not Bought'


She already looks amazing but she was quick to say that she is just starting to get back into fitness.

"I’m only one week in !!! I’m rebuilding my body , mind and soul. Allow me to take you on my journey. I want to build out a very special program. Built Not Bought is a mind set. Any goal we want we can achieve. I’ve had a constant battle of bottle insecurities growing up. But at some point we must own our flaws. Love them , and grow past them. I’m so excited to create a new program for you guys. #BNB stay tuned !! #BuiltNotBought #LovingYourself #SelfCare," Simmons captioned her stunning pics.

Love Your Selfie

Angela Simmons in a colorful bikini top.

Simmons is certainly not shy and is an avid lover of selfies! Her millions of fans loved the idea of owning their flaws like Angela suggested and gave her a huge confidence boost in the comments section of her bikini post.

"I see them abs showing boo," a complimentary follower wrote while another said, "Love it! Wishing you the very best in your journey! ❤️"

Most people were just stoked that a celebrity was willing to be honest and open with themselves and their fans.

"So real ❤️," a third fan commented. "you go gal!🙌🏿"

Sweaty Means Ready

Angela Simmons' sweaty selfie.

One thing we love about the star is that she always shares the post-workout selfies. Sometimes it's hard to believe how celebs stay in great shape... especially since we never see them sweat but that's not the case when it comes to Angela.

Yesterday, she shared a sweaty selfie after an intense boxing session.

"Whoever counted me out ... Couldn’t count ‼️✅ #BnB 🥊," she captioned her impressive showcase of skills.

She stays ready to put in that hard, hard work! We see her dumbbell deadlifts!

Body For Her New Hobby

Angela Simmons in a golf outfit.

The reality star recently took up the game of golf and is practicing like a maniac! Her fitness regimen will only help her smack the ball farther... just more motivation for the workout crazy star! The best thing about Angela taking up golf is that she loves to share her cute outfits and her golf skirts are always super short... classy but still sultry.

"Practice practice !!! Working on straight arms ✅‼️" she captioned a video of herself at the driving range.

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