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Sommer Ray poses looking sideways

Sommer Ray Showcases Her 'Big Gap' From A Car

By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray and her "big gap" just got a whole ton of exposure. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation updated her Instagram stories on Monday straight from her vehicle – Sommer was fresh from visiting dentist Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, with the doc seeming to have some snazzy and effective solutions for Sommer's teeth. Bear in mind, Sommer's mouth just went through a lot, with the Colorado native's recent 24th birthday seeing her shovel boat-loads of sundae ice-cream from The Sugar Factory into her pie hole. Check out the latest below.

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Her 'Little Gappies'

Sommer Ray poses on a floor rug and in a bikini

Scroll for a snippet from the story. Sommer, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, kept up her signature honest vibe here. Sommer had filmed herself strapped into her car seat while wearing a graphic tank top with "THE ROLLING STONES" logo and big red lips on it, but the focus was the Invisalign the model had ben furnished with.

"Hi guys. Um. Wassup," Sommer began, continuing: "I'm really excited because...I got...Invisalign from Dr. Gabe," before detailing the "gaps in my teeth I've wanted to get fixed."

'Shout-Out Dr Gabe!'


Keep scrolling for more photos. Sommer, smiling and flashing her stunning pearly whites, then thanked Dr. Gabe with a "shoutout" for fixing "my little gappies." The model kept the camera focused on her face, continuing:

"I've only been wearing them for a few days, and I had this big gap right here, but now it's kind of gone." A big thumbs-up was then sent out, with Sommer then jamming out to music while showing off her big green eyes and a bandanna matching them

Big Teeth, Big Muscles

Sommer Ray poses for a bikini selfie

Sommer might update with a little influencing for L.A.'s pricey doctors, but the model remains best-known for that insane and hard-core workout body. Sommer, who began competing in body-building competitions aged just 16, has been ramping up the workouts on her IG as she sells her popular Sommer Ray's Shop clothing line – that said, Sommer did admit to "slacking" on the diet and exercise front this summer.

Sommer has also been busy thanking fans for their best birthday wishes – stripping down to a tie-dye bikini and leather jacket to do so proved well-received. More after the ice-cream video.

Rejects 2020, Alongside Her Shirt

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini and shirt

Sommer's last permanent IG post came with a sentiment that's proving universal. She's not acknowledging 2020 as a year, and she did it in a turquoise bikini and olive shirt that wound up working its way off her. The ex to rapper Machine Gun Kelly addressed her 25.5 million followers, writing:

"I’m not adding this year 2020 to my age.. i didn’t use it bikini - @shopsommerray."

2020 has also proven a headline-maker for Sommer as she briefly dated 30-year-old"RAP DEVIL" star MGK, then dumping him on his 30th birthday.

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